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Released on: July 4, 2008, 10:08 pm

Press Release Author: maitraban

Industry: Non Profit

Press Release Summary: - A happy home for senior citizens situated in
Maharashtra, India.

Press Release Body: Maitraban ( is a social project by
Gandhe Jeevanchaya foundation. The foundation was established in November 2001 and
is registered with the registrar of societies and charity commissioner. The
registration number is Maha/1033/01 & F18727-Nagpur.

The life expectancy is ever increasing, thanks to new inventions in science and
medicine fields. In today\'s fast pace of life and flat culture the joint families
are becoming extinct. The ever increasing housing costs and shortage of space made
the concept disappear faster. The impact of disappearing joint family culture is
mainly felt by the elderly people in the house. Moreover, entry of Western culture
in educated Indian families added to the miseries of senior citizens in their own
home. Their needs, wants, facilities, problems (physical and psychological) are
being overlooked by the young people for want of time. The Gandhes resolved to do
something about it - that germ of idea has today grown into Maitraban.

What is Maitraban ?

Maitraban - a forest of friends - is a cosy village, specially constructed for
senior citizens.

After taking into consideration all the needs and wants of elderly person, a
beautiful residential township (not an old age home) has been built by the

It is thought that township will be of best use to people who,

* do not have their own children to look after
* have children settled abroad & are unavailable
* having successfully executed all domestic responsibilities, are now looking for a
happy life, free of all usual hassles
* Want to stay away from their home, just temporarily.

In the twilight years of life, when you have fulfilled all your family
responsibilities, you\'re physically and mentally fit and active, you would like to
stay in a house which is away from the hustle bustle of the city, which is in a
peaceful, picturesque and pollution free atmosphere. A home, with a company of
like-minded and of same age; friends, a home where friendly discussions and exchange
of thoughts is the way of life. Maitraban is a project which precisely fulfills your
this dream.

It is not Home for the Aged or Vruddhashram.

We at Maitraban do not want to call it an old age home because old age home brings a
very disheartening, gloomy picture. A place where there\'s no scope of light and a
ray of hope in the lives of the inmates, a place where there is no dignity to the
life, a place where food is ritual.

In general an old age home is synonym for a dingy place with a common dormitory type
accommodation and equally horrible food. A place for the people, who are unwanted by
children and society, and are uncared and waiting for the final day. We at Maitraban
have tried very hard to remove this stigma of an old age home, and therefore we even
avoided the use of word old age home. We call it Maitraban - a forest of friends. A
place where the atmosphere is full of happiness, cheerfulness, a place full of
comfort, homely and above all where you can pursue your hobbies. A place completely
free from pollution, full of care and love.

Every one has to retire from service or business one-day. Similarly one can think of
retirement from the family responsibilities and it is also beneficial from the point
of view of the new generation. Therefore it is necessary to have a place of rest for
people who are mentally and physically fit and who are from well-to-do families.
This is the basic concept of the Maitraban and the planning and development was done
with this thought only.

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\"Yashashree", 15, North Ambazari Road,
NAGPUR - 440 010, MH, India
Phones: +91-712-2249898, 2249418.
Mobile: 98222 26977
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