15 Unknown Facts about ATVs from Points West Argo

Released on: August 4, 2008, 2:58 pm

Press Release Author: tom tomlinson

Industry: Industrial

Press Release Summary: Ever wanted to know more about all terrain vehicles? Check
out these 15 interesting facts about ATVs from the experts at Points West Argo.

Press Release Body: Yuba City, CA - For those of you hoping to learn more about
these all terrain vehicles, please enjoy the following 15 interesting facts about

"The sunny summer months are perfect for going out and riding your ATV, but how much
do you actually know about them," notes Tom Tomlinson of Points West Argo. "For
those of you looking for more information, please enjoy the following 15 interesting
facts about ATVs."

1. Off road vehicles were first made available in the early 1960s.

2. Some of the first ATVs were 6-wheeled as opposed to the more common 4-wheeleers
of today.

3. Originally brake lights were not required on ATVs; it was not until 1998 that
they were made a requirement.

4. At slow speeds, an ATVs rear wheels will move in the opposite direction of the
front wheels. Thus making it easier for parking and maneuvering.

5. It is illegal to operate ATVs with snorkels for deep-water crossings in Minnesota.

6. The first modern 4-wheeled ATV was released by Suzuki in 1983.

7. The ignition kill switch on ATVS is set by industry standards to be on the left
side of the handlebars, but on the right side for snowmobiles.

8. In 1986 Honda released the FourTrax TRX350 4x4 that ushered in the era of popular
four-wheel drive ATVs.

9. By the early 90\'s people began to realize that ATVs make great work vehicles, and
they began to show up on farms and orchards alike.

10. The Honda Rubicon was the first production ATV with built-in GPS.

11. In Israel, ATVs are referred to as "Polaris'" Similarly to how people in the
United States call all types of lip balm "Chapstick," and all types of cotton swaps

12. Honda made the first three-wheeled ATVs in 1970, which were famously portrayed
in the James Bond movie, \"Diamonds Are Forever\".

13. Engine size on ATVs has little to do with trail damage, but this is what many
Natural Resources Departments limit with a view to reducing trail damage.

14. The two largest ATV battery manufacturers, Yuasa and DEKA, have their main
United States facilities only 20 miles apart in Pennsylvania.

15. Nearly every youth ATV sold in the US is made in Taiwan or China regardless of
brand name.

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