Buddhist Master to tour east texas looking for lost Buddhists

Released on: August 22, 2008, 9:17 am

Press Release Author: Master Hughes/ Dai no shin ji

Industry: Non Profit

Press Release Summary: Buddhist master is looking to reunite buddhist members in
east texas

Press Release Body:
The Venerable Master Hughes or Roshi is a highly respected instructor of Zen. On
September the 12th he will be touring east Texas looking for Buddhist groups and
individuals in an effort to unite them into a recognized membership. Many Buddhist’s
in east Texas have no temple to visit, because of this they lack recognition and
have lost their contact with fellow Buddhists.
In an effort to unite Buddhist’s in east Texas he will be touring the east Texas
area in September. The towns on the tour include Cleveland ,Livingston , Lufkin,
Crocket, Madisonville and Palestine. Individuals living in these towns or towns
close by may contact Master Hughes and request a stop at their town. You can contact
Master Hughes at nmc@nationalmeditation.org
Master Hughes is Roshi of the Dai no shin ji temple, and has spent most of his time
as an engaged Buddhist. He is also a member of Mu Gen Do Kai order of the
boundless way and 58th generation Buddhist teacher. He has lectured at many
institutions including the University of Texas.
He is the most recognized Buddhist Roshi in Texas having been recognized 7 times,
once by the United States Department of Justice Office for Victims of crime office.
He is an expert in the implementation of training and humanitarian programming and
lover of Asian martial arts Grand Master of the arts of juijitsu. He was the first
Buddhist authority to be recognized in the north east Texas area appearing in
numerous articles. He has worked with thousands and trained military, law
enforcement and crisis center workers. Master Hughes became well known for his
involvement in antiviolence training. He was recently recognized in 2007 by the
senate state of Texas member, Senator Nichols and in 2006 by United States
Department of Justice Office for Victims of Crime.

Web Site: http://www.nationalmeditation.org/page10.htm

Contact Details: Contact Master Hughes
Email nmc@nationalmeditation.org
1030 weisinger dr.
Magnolia Texas

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