CIM USA Launches 2D Data Matrix(tm) Metal Embosser Ideal for Industrial Marking Applications requiring automatic data collection

Released on: August 12, 2008, 7:44 am

Press Release Author: CIM USA Inc / Pamela Gonzalez

Industry: Industrial

Press Release Summary: CIM USA, a leading manufacturer and distributor of a complete
line of machines for industrial metal tag and dog tag marking, announces the
introduction of the ME2000 DM, a new 2D Data MatrixT Metal Tag Solution.

Press Release Body: CIM USA is the leading provider of solutions for metal plate and
tag applications including: inventory tags, VIN plates, cable tags, hose tags, etc.

The proven ME2000 DM is capable of producing 2 Dimensional Data MatrixT codes with
readable characters at a speed of up to 115 tags per hour. The ME2000 DM can produce
Data MatrixT codes that can hold up to 64 characters in a variety of matrix sizes
that will suit any metal tag application. This will allow for alpha numeric data
to be marked in a smaller area of the metal tag. Up to 60% of the barcode can be
obscured and still read accurately by any low cost readers. The machine is ideal for
marking plates for component identification, asset tracking, inventory control, post
production, and work in progress tracking in harsh environments compared to dot
peen, laser, and mylar tags. The ME2000 DM is the perfect solution for the
automotive, military, aerospace, steel mill, shipyard, component manufacturing, and
equipment rental industry.

"Our high precision 2D barcode is used by companies that require automatic data
collection and inventory control in environments that are either corrosive, high
heat, extreme cold, abrasive or are subject to industrial wear and tear," notes Mads
Petersen Executive Vice President at CIM USA, Inc. The CIM solution comes packaged
with our SWORDT software with CIM 2D Data-to-Barcode automatic conversion.

The ME2000 DM is an advanced, yet cost-effective solution for durable, long life
industrial marking applications. The information in the 2D bar code is readable even
after processes such as heat treating, sandblasting, and painting. The information
can easily be read by most 2D barcode readers.

CIM USA was established in 1999 to distribute the complete CIM product line into the
USA and Latin America. We have always specialized in meeting the needs of
manufacturing and metal tagging industries. Our products are used extensively by
Fortune 500 industrial corporations and the US military for all their tag marking

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