Congressional Candidate, Kevin Powell, Releases Statements on Major Policies and Platforms

Released on: August 20, 2008, 9:19 am

Press Release Author: Vanessa Rojas/The Buzz International Group

Industry: Government

Press Release Summary: Congressional Candidate for the 10th district in Brooklyn,
Kevin Powell, has released his stances on major political issues coined \"9 Plans for
Change in the 10th\" showing what he will do for Brooklyn and the nation if elected.

Press Release Body: In our nation's current state of disarray and the consensus
being that now is the time for new leaders to step up as current ones have failed
too many times, Congressional Candidate for the 10th district in Brooklyn, Kevin
Powell, has released his stances on major political issues to show the people how he
plans to make a difference in Washington. Major issues such as energy and
environmental preservation, prison and criminal justice system reorganization, and
education reform, affect Powell's Brooklyn community and beyond and he has outlined
his opinions and solutions on these three, plus six other major areas of concern for
the people of the 10th Congressional District to review.

The following are Kevin Powell's 9 plans for change in the 10th the key subjects of
his policy statements-

Patriot Act- Kevin Powell supports repealing the Act and passing laws that will make
us more secure, not less free.

Micro Loans for Macro Improvement- By expanding the use of micro loan projects such
as Project Enterprises, a community organization which distributes the micro loans
in under-funded communities in New York City, the government will be giving people
the chance to start small businesses within their communities, and thus rebuilding
its social fabric by creating jobs and new businesses from within.

Energy and the Environment- Powell wants the US to engage in immediate and
multinational efforts to address the crisis of global warming and supports the
following measures to do so:
. Reduce car bon emissions 80 percent by 2050 - by expanding mass transit and bike
routes, increase fuel efficiency standards to 55 MPG by 2030, and pass H.R. 5560,
allowing California to require clean cars.
. Invest in a Clean Energy Future- Investing in "green collar jobs", require 20
percent renewable electricity standard (RES) for utilities by 2020 (stated in
Udall-Platts 20% RES bill) , and oppose the construction of new coal-fired power
. Make Brooklyn a Model of Environmental Excellence
. Environmental Justice- Pollution allowances should be mandated
. Restore U.S. Leadership on Climate Change- Assist other countries in environmental

Prisons and the Criminal Justice System- Kevin Powell would like to re-examine
funding and prison sentencing, focusing on a "More Education and Less Incarceration"

Mid-East Politics- Powell stands for immediate change but acknowledges that
consistent, long-term effort is required to releive the situation in the Middle
East. Initiatives Kevin Powell will work towards include- withdrawal from Iraq,
multilateral diplomacy on peace and nuclear weapons, closing Guantanamo Bay,
respecting the international rule of law and signing on to the International
Criminal Court.

Taxes- Kevin Powell supports presidential hopeful, Barak Obama's, tax proposal of
cutting taxes for middle-class Americans and shifting the tax burden to those making
over $200,000 a year.

Life Orientation- Prioritizing funding for Life Orientation programs in schools,
which transforms the school system into becoming more involved in a child's personal
development and creates classes with themes based on young people's experiences.

LGBT Policy- Powell supports all legislation that seeks to legalize gay marriage,
institute equal employment, housing and adoption rights, immigration rights and
military rights through the repeal of "Don't Act Don't Tell".

Public Housing- Kevin Powell will work with others in Congress to pass the Public
Housing Equal Treatment Act, federalizing operating costs for public housing in New
York City.

These statements are available in more detail, including the specific federal
legislations Powell supports, and comprehensive outlining on how Kevin Powell plans
to work with fellow members of Congress to better Brooklyn and the Nation. They
can be found online at, Kevin Powell is running for
Congress in the 10th Congressional District of Brooklyn against Ed Towns, a
long-tenured congressman who has become disconnected from his community and
ineffective in bringing the right change to Brooklyn.

About Kevin Powell

Born in Jersey City, NJ, this long-time resident of Brooklyn is passionate about
social activism, politics, history and being an innovator and leader in the future
of this country. Powell sees a society in flux that needs strong direction,
unifying ideas and ideals. For the past several years Kevin Powell has devoted
himself to speaking and writing ardently about societal issues such as redefining
American and African American manhood away from sexism and misogyny, bringing
awareness to violence against women and girls, race and class matters that linger in
the American social fabric, and economic empowerment for all Americans. Never at
rest, Powell routinely tours the country illuminating audiences to his social
mission by speaking at a host of community events, colleges and universities, and
town hall meetings in hopes of raising awareness to these pressing challenges.

As an elected official Kevin Powell's agenda would include tackling the current
socio-political and civic challenges of his constituents and America at large, such
as fair and humane community development, education, affordable housing and
universal healthcare, immigration rights, global warming, job training and expanded
employment opportunities, and the war in Iraq. In addition, Powell would create a
synergy between politics and popular culture to reach Generation X and Y voters. "It
is time for new leadership, a new generation, to push us forward, and I want to be a
part of that wave of fresh ideas, of new visions, for these times, for the 21st
century", he says.

Web Site:

Contact Details: 419 Lafayette St.
2nd Fl.
New York, NY 10003
Marisa King-Redwood-

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