Electric motor selection website introduces interactive electric motor selection

Released on: August 6, 2008, 1:07 pm

Press Release Author: Edward Hage / Confirmat

Industry: Industrial

Press Release Summary: The free and brand-independent electric motor selection
website specAmotor.com has introduced a new functionality: interactive electric
motor selection whereby directly is reported if the electric motor is capable of
handling the vistors\' drive-problem. This new functionality will shorten the
selection time and safe engineers a lot of effort.

Press Release Body:

Internet-startup Confirmat has expanded the functionality of
its website http://www.specAmotor.com. It has been ten months since the free and
brand-independent electric motor selection website has been launched. Since then the
database is doubled in size to over 12.000 motor configurations and 23

The new functionality

Now there is the possibility to interactively determine the feasibility of a
motor. Previously the website visitor had to perform a search query, or browse
through datasheets. Now, however, a motor can be virtually tested whereby directly
is reported if the motor is capable of handling the vistors\' drive-problem.

Also in a clear language is stated why a motor eventually is not suitable; in the
different tables with calculation results the opinion is objectively founded.

A second innovation of the site is the request for quotations in batch mode. This
means that in one order a request for quotation is sent to every manufacturer that
has a suitable solution according to the calculation results of specAmotor. This
saves the visitor a lot of actions.

Leave the calculating to specAmotor

The calculations that specAmotor performs are complex. For every situation the
motor temperature is determined. Temperature is dependent on motor parameters like
the resistance and the torque constant, that in fact are not constant as the name
may suggest, but change under the influence of heat-development. specAmotor takes
this influence into consideration so that possible overheating already is noticed

specAmotor saves time

The goal of specAmotor is to shorten the development time in the machine
construction industry and related industries. It does this by automating time
consuming issues like the gathering and interpretation of information from different
sources, and by making the necessary calculations to determine the correct motor

By applying Web 2.0-technology the visitor is invited to test drive the electric
motor virtually so that confidence is gained about the fitness of purpose of the
motor. This new functionality will shorten the motor selection time and safe the
engineer a lot of effort.

About Confirmat

Confirmat is a Dutch company and is started in 2004 and develops internet
concepts for the technical community.

Web Site: http://www.specamotor.com

Contact Details: Edward Hage
Veluwehof 71
5709 KJ Helmond
the Netherlands

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