Leon County Sheriff Hopeful, Tommy Mills, Appeals to Citizens

Released on: August 23, 2008, 5:23 pm

Press Release Author: Blueprint Creative Group

Industry: Government

Press Release Summary:
In the final days before the upcoming primary election on August 26, 2008, Leon
County Sheriff hopeful, Tommy Mills, appeals to Leon County citizens for their vote
towards a new direction for Leon County.

Press Release Body: TALLAHASSEE, FL, August 25, 2008 -I'm grateful to address you as
the candidate for the office of Sheriff of Leon County. I've served the Leon County
Sheriff's office for more than 23 years. I resigned as the captain. I've dedicated
my career to public safety, public trust, and to public service. I believe that all
three areas can be approved and enhanced to preserve the peace and the quality of
life for the citizens of Leon County. I want to be your next Sheriff. I have the
energy. I have the experience. I have the enthusiasm. I have the knowledge to lead
this agency into the future.

Leon County has changed. It is not the safe place it once was. This is a new day. We
need new direction. We need a new Sheriff. I'd like to reduce the escalating crime
in our community to provide a safe community for our businesses and our families. I
think we can do this through effective teamwork, cooperation, and coordinated law
enforcement efforts with local law enforcement through community policing, combating
drugs in our community. There's still some streets that we can't drive down and if
you stop people will run up and want to know how much drugs do you want to buy.
We've got to do something about this to protect our seniors. Our jail population,
majority of them is in jail on drug related issues. Violence in our streets can be
linked directly to drugs. I want to improve the crime solving capabilities in our
community to rid our community of career criminals. We have approximately 1,300
inmates in the jail. There's a federal law that says we must have cable in jail.
There's not a law that tells us what we must have on the TV. It's a good time to
educate and practice crime prevention.

I want to protect our children in schools and support programs that provide healthy
alternatives to criminal activity such as teen court, teen sports, peace in the
hood, save our children. To protect our seniors from physical abuse and
exploitation. Tallahassee is the place that it is because our seniors have provided
a safe place for us. It's our time now to make sure it's a safe place for them.

As your Sheriff, I will make public safety priority one. My commitment to you is to
roll my sleeves up and go down in the community and address the issues at its
source. If we're going to combat crime, we're going to combat gang activity- we
can't do it from the office, we can't do it from the North side. We've got to go
down to where the source is because it's a turf battle. At working in the jail it's
a hundred percent policing. Once you strike the card and you go in it's all about
protecting you, protecting the inmates that are there, and protecting your
co-workers and it's policing a hundred percent of the time.

I promise you that our ethics in law enforcement can increase and be enhanced and
make this community a safe place for you and all of our citizens. Please remember to
vote August 26th. Tommy Mills- I want to be your next Sheriff. Thank you.


Media Contact:

Fabiola Fleuranvil of Blueprint Creative Group
for Tommy Mills for Leon County Sheriff
Phone: (404) 437-0078
Email: Fabiola@BlueprintCreativeGroup.com

Web Site: http://www.MillsforSheriff.com

Contact Details: PO Box 322
Atlanta, GA 30309

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