Manufacturing Sector Receives Much-Needed Boost in Job Count as ManufacturingCrossing Continues to Add Jobs

Released on: August 28, 2008, 2:48 am

Press Release Author: Mary Waldron

Industry: Industrial

Press Release Summary: ManufacturingCrossing, an affiliate of EmploymentCrossing,
one of the leading job boards in the US, has added 12,647 manufacturing jobs to its
database in a bid to help the weakening manufacturing sector. The manufacturing job
site provides users with instant access to a comprehensive pool of listings based on
the given user\'s particular area of interest. ManufacturingCrossing scours thousands
of webpages and more than 250,000 employer websites for exclusive manufacturing jobs
and lists them in its database. The job board has only been intensifying its search
for jobs of late in its constant quest to ward off unemployment in the manufacturing

Press Release Body: Meanwhile, many companies of different manufacturing backgrounds
have tried to revive the economy by creating jobs in their respective fields. Vestas
American Wind Technology Inc. has taken up a renewable energy project which will
bring about 2,500 energy manufacturing jobs to Colorado. Hero/Beech-Nut is also
hiring more than 100 job seekers for their new infant food manufacturing facility.
Renewable Energy Corp. of Norway, meanwhile, has drawn up plans to initiate a new
silicon plant worth $1.2 billion in Quebec, a move that\'s expected to bring more
than 300 green-collar jobs to the city. The Ohio Department of Development is also
working hard to increase manufacturing jobs. The department has awarded a 45% credit
to Kurz-Kasch Inc. for its $1-million expansion plan in Miamisburg which will create
200 jobs in the state.

\'\'Various manufacturing companies are doing their best in their respective sectors
to solidify the manufacturing job market in their own ways,\'\' says A. Harrison
Barnes, the CEO and founder of ManufacturingCrossing. \'\'ManufacturingCrossing is
also doing its best to stage a major revival for manufacturing job seekers.\'\'

The Shaw Group Inc, which deals in nuclear manufacturing, is planning to add over
2,900 jobs over the next decade, as it plans to create a nuclear manufacturing
center in Louisiana. Meanwhile, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell believes that a
solar manufacturing plant in his state will create more than 300 jobs, and has
helped the state invest about $9 million in Flabeg\'s new solar production facility,
which will be built in Allegheny County. Further east, a report by the New Hampshire
Labor Bureau has stated that New Hampshire needs more manufacturing jobs to
strengthen its economy. The report also stresses the need for more and more
companies to come forward and create new jobs to thwart the unemployment problems in
the state.

\'\'It is important to create many jobs in every US state to combat the downturn and
revive employment statistics all over,\'\' says Barnes. \'\'But what is more important
for a job seeker is that he or she searches for jobs in the right place.

\'\'ManufacturingCrossing is a revolutionary job board for manufacturing job seekers
as it strives to post each and every manufacturing job that\'s out there.
ManufacturingCrossing weeds out spam and jobs outside your niche, allowing you to
search efficiently and specifically. Trust the only job source that\'s tailored to
your industry.\'\'

ManufacturingCrossing aims to update its website with all of the most recent
manufacturing jobs. The website plans to add thousands of jobs this month in its
continuing effort to offer the highest number of active jobs possible to job
seekers. For more information, log on to

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Contact Details: Mary Waldron, Editorial Coordinator

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