More Options to Maximize Investment in BrightCom Video Conferencing

Released on: August 25, 2008, 10:19 am

Press Release Author: Cathleen Genewick / BrightCom

Industry: Telecommunications

Press Release Summary: New video and data integrated conferencing technology reduces
travel and enhances ease of collaboration for data sharing and video conferencing.

Press Release Body: Huntington Beach, Ca - August 25, 2008 - BrightComT, the
performance leader in integrated conferencing solutions, offers more than a
reduction in enterprise travel costs as it transforms everyday meetings into
collaborative work sessions and allows businesses to maximize investment in video
conferencing equipment.

As more companies turn to video conferencing to lower travel costs and promote an
environmentally friendly business, the power of video conferencing and its' benefits
for every day operations are at times overlooked.

According to Daniel Burrus, the founder and CEO of Burrus Research, "The challenge
today is that many companies are going into crisis mode. Because air travel and gas
costs are high, they're using video and Web conferencing, as well as the new
high-end videoconferencing called telepresence [.], to save travel money. However,
if their only motivation is to save money on travel, rather than the more important
goal of enhancing communication and collaboration throughout the enterprise, then
they're simply creating another fad."

Burrus continued to say, "Smart companies are changing how they think about meetings
and the new video conferencing technology, and they're realizing that it offers
business something more powerful than they've had in the past."

BrightCom Visual Collaboration System (VCS) 2.0, offers increased collaboration and
overall savings for businesses by allowing meeting participants in a single
conference room or from around the world to connect and share data. VCS 2.0 is an
integrated conferencing solution that offers high quality video, audio and data
conferencing and telepresence capability in one unified package.

Bob McCandless, CEO of BrightCom stated, "Imagine a small internal business meeting
in which participants in a conference room or in home offices on their laptops can
share data, and instantly switch control of the meeting to pool resources from their
personal files and web content while also connecting with each other through high
resolution video and audio. VCS can do this without having participants struggle
with switching cables or PCs and losing valuable time and focus."

VCS 2.0 offers high quality video and audio in a side by side presentation with a
full suite of data sharing options including document, image, web and screen
sharing, white board, instant polling and remote control. Because businesses can
use the equipment for both external and internal meetings, they can increase the
daily use and familiarity with the technology and ultimately achieve a greater
return on investment on their video conferencing solution.

For more information about VCS 2.0, or other products and services provided by
BrightCom, please call 877-483-9737.

About BrightCom - BrightCom, Inc. specializes in creating flexible and affordable
video and telepresence conferencing solutions. With unique integrated data and video
conferencing solutions, BrightCom offers a wide range of options to connect people
and content from home offices, mobile devices, desktops or conference rooms.
BrightCom is a wise investment for people or organizations seeking to build new
conference solutions or expand existing deployments. To learn more about our quality
video conferencing with in-depth collaboration features without a costly investment
on bandwidth upgrades, call 877-483-9737 or visit

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Tel: 877-483-9737

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