Mrs Laughing Pants Workforce Trainer Reveals Hot Secret In The Shower

Released on: August 22, 2008, 6:46 pm

Press Release Author: Annmarie Edwards / Mrs. Laughing Pants Ink

Industry: Human Resources

Press Release Summary: How Taking A Shower Can Trigger New Ideas For An Online
Workforce Training Blog
FLAT ROCK, NC (08/22/2008)-- Mrs. Laughing Pants the alter ego of Annmarie Edwards
reveals the secret about the beginning of Online Workforce Training Blog. The idea
of the Online Workforce Training Blog came to her while she showered early in the
morning back in April 2007. Soapsuds blinded her eyes as ideas swarmed her mind like
bees attacking its prey. Edwards jumped out of the shower into her bedroom with
trails of water and soapsuds. She grabbed a notepad and pen and wrote as quickly as
she could to capture the ideas for the blog as they flooded her mind.

Press Release Body: Just imagine you\'re butt naked taking a shower with soapsuds all
over your body and suddenly ideas of a new training program with characters flood
your mind...what would you do? Asked Edwards.

This new Online Workforce Training Blog offers free advise to workforce training
managers, HR directors, business executives, supervisors, and workforce staff. The
Online Workforce Training Blog is a resource to the HR community and business
leaders seeking information on ways to improve their bottom-line.

\"This site offers great information for employers and employees alike. Very well
written and very unique. Nice layout and nice format. I would definitely suggest
this site to anyone trying to improve their work-related problems and their work
environment. Great Site! Great Information! Great Job\" (

The Online Workforce Training Blog uses an artificial online learning lab with
characters who act and solve your workforce issues. The blog is hilarious and
attracts reviewers daily. Workforce issues on training and leadership are some of
the topics addressed often on the Online Workforce Training Blog. The author use of
personal stories are enlightening as well as touching. The use of storytelling helps
to communicate the message of leadership, team building, values, and morals.

\"Told me how to solve workforce problems fairly well. I had very little knowledge on
this subject (since I\'ve not worked in that area) before I visited your site, so
congratulation on the information sharing. Site loaded nicely too. Keep up the good
work!\" (

Online Workforce Training according to Edwards, \"saves money and time and allows
workers to train at their own pace.\" It is a proven method to use in training adults
who are independent learners.

Training adults with new skills, using an online medium can translate into an
increase in productivity and sales. Workers will feel more appreciated when they
have the skills to perform their jobs. Online workforce training helps to improve
the overall well-being of workers while improving the bottom-line.

\"Laughing Pants...I loved your site, great in-depth stuff here for those needing
good business advise.\" (

About Mrs. Laughing Pants, alter ego Annmarie Edwards

Annmarie Edwards is a workforce trainer, keynote speaker, and author, working in
areas of workforce development and training, and workers satisfaction. Visit her
website for more information:


Contact: Annmarie Edwards
Address: Mrs.Laughing Pants Ink
PO Box 366
Flat Rock, NC 28731

Web Site:

Contact Details: Contact: Annmarie Edwards
Address: Mrs.Laughing Pants Ink
PO Box 366
Flat Rock, NC 28731

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