New Study from Ceresana Research Change in the Global HDPE Market

Released on: August 6, 2008, 8:23 am

Press Release Author: Martin Ebner

Industry: Industrial

Press Release Summary: Whether used in shopping bags, packaging materials, or
buckets, we see high density polyethylene (HDPE) every day. Less obvious, but
nevertheless important products made from HDPE include water pipes, gas mains, oil
tanks, and cable casings. A new study from Ceresana Research closely examines this
important plastics market.

Press Release Body: The Growing HDPE Market

Global demand for HDPE is primarily influenced by rapidly growing sectors, such as
the packaging and construction industries. Although North America and Western Europe
accounted for approximately 44% of worldwide consumption during 2007, the Asian
Pacific leads worldwide growth and, for the most part, will drive future HDPE
revenue increases. Currently, Eastern Europe is also profiting from significant
growth rates and has reached a market volume of 2.5 million tons.

Asia-Pacific is Increasing Their Market Share

Asia-Pacific\'s portion of worldwide consumption of HDPE has risen from 31% in 2000,
to more than 35% in 2007. Manufacturers in this region are benefiting from Asia\'s
rapidly growing markets and increasing export possibilities to North America and
Western Europe. The HDPE manufacturing industry is migrating from previously
established regions to the continuously growing and cost effective countries in

The Middle East Aspires to Reach the Top

In the oil-rich countries of the Middle East, not only is demand for plastics
increasing steadily, but so is production. Since the year 2000, HDPE production in
the region has increased an average of 20% per year, whereby Saudi Arabia accounts
for a large portion of this. There is no end in sight for this rapid development:
Until 2013, projects with a total capacity of 6.7 million tons are planned
throughout the Middle East, which is expected to make this region the most important
supplier of HDPE.

What will become of Western Europe and North America?

Only marginal capacity increases will take place in Western Europe and North
America, whereby expansions will primarily come through the modernization of old
production facilities. Manufacturers of HDPE will be required to invest in
innovative products and efficient production technologies, in order to stay current
among increasing competition.

Several HDPE Application Areas are Growing Quickly

Milk bottles and other hallow articles made with blow molding processes are the most
important application areas for HDPE. Above all, China, where bottles made from HDPE
were first launched in 2005, is the fastest growing market for rigid HDPE packaging,
due to an improving standard of living. In India and other heavily populated,
emerging markets, infrastructure will continue to be built up - assuredly with pipes
and cable conductors made from HDPE. This environmentally friendly material is
profiting from discussions about the health and environmental damages that could be
caused by PVC: Sealing sheets made from extruded HDPE have steadily continued to
gain market share over the past decade. Today, 85% of sealing foil is manufactured
from HDPE.

The Market Study Polyethylene - HDPE provides 900 pages of essential information on
this rapidly growing market. It offers 100 company profiles of current and future
manufacturers around the world. Development of 65 countries is detailed with
individual country profiles. Additionally, this useful compilation informs readers
of technical characteristics and application areas of HDPE and provides an overview
of relevant laws and environmental regulations. The market report is available
immediately from Ceresana Research:

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