No wardriving here - Indevia clients are secure

Released on: August 7, 2008, 12:48 am

Press Release Author: Dev Purkayastha

Industry: Accounting

Press Release Summary: Indevia is safe from wardriving attacks- Our clients are

Press Release Body: San Diego, CA. August 7, 2008: Indevia Accounting Inc. CEO
Dev Purkayastha says his customers need not worry... Indevia was and remains safe
from wardriving attacks. Today's announcement that the Department of Justice has
broken a ring that was behind the theft of 40 million plus identities has raised new
questions about data security among outsourced accounting providers.
The attacks were conducted by driving to the parking lot of big box retailers and
hacking into the wireless computer networks. This type of drive-by attacks are hard
to protect against. Media has now dubbed such attacks "wardriving".
Mr. Purkayastha said "We have always been super-cautious about data security. So we
have no wireless data connections in our offices. Even though stringing cable is
expensive and time-consuming, we designed our network using Cat 5E cable".
"We are committed to achieving the best data security standards embodied in ISO
27000" - added Mr. Purkayastha
\"Indevia Accounting Inc. was started by Dev Purkayastha, Chartered Accountant and
Harvard MBA, to meet the accounting needs of small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs).
While SMBs need the same high-quality accounting data to manage their business, it
is uneconomical for them to develop a high-quality staff in-house. The higher level
skills are used only occasionally and so such skills, even if they are acquired,
atrophy over time. As an outsourced provider, Indevia has the scale to provide
proper division of skills, high levels of training, continuity of service in case of
vacations, staff turnover etc., and quality assurance procedures far beyond that
available in SMB accounting departments. \"

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