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Released on: August 30, 2008, 4:19 pm

Press Release Author: FaxMicro Customer Communications Department

Industry: Telecommunications

Press Release Summary: Signing up an account with FaxMicro had been easier and more
users friendly. Just spend a few minutes on our website to have your online fax
account working already.

Press Release Body:
(, August 20, 2008) - We provide online fax solutions that aim to give
convenience to our subscribers and even to those who have just started their
interests to consider our service. Signing up an account with us had been easier and
more users friendly. Just spend a few minutes on our website to have your online fax
account working already.

Below are the four major steps in signing up an account with us:

1. Choose a Plan - We are offering 2 practical packages for you. The Faxmicro Plus
and the FaxMicro Toll Free.

The FaxMicro Plus is mainly designed for local accounts. The set up fee and the fax
number will be given for free plus you will enjoy the unlimited inbound faxing for
only $4.95 per month.

The FaxMicro Toll Free will not just free your senders with fax charges, it also
covers the whole US continent. Just spend 5 cents per page and be freed from long
distance charges anywhere in the US. 866, 877 and 888 fax numbers will be given for
free. Inbound faxing will be free unlimited also for only $9.95 per month. No set up
fee and no hidden charges.

We are also giving free unlimited outbound faxing for the first month of every new

On the other hand, when you are done deciding for the plan that you want , just hit
the sign up link at the bottom of this page.

2. Contact and Billing - Type in all the required information for your personal
profile with us. If this information are different from your billing details, click
on the check box before the credit card details. At the bottom part, type in all the
required information for your credit card on file. At the right side below the
image, please make sure that you have selected from the given choices of the way on
how you did find FaxMicro.

3. Login and Number - Enter the login details that you desire. The username must be
type in small cases, no extra space or characters. The password must be a numeric
figure. Please see example below:

Username: abcdefg
Password: 123456
After, select whether you want our system to auto-assign a fax number on your
account, choose a number from our number pool, type in a vanity number or transfer
an existing number. Don't forget to type in also your email address for received

4. Review and Confirm - This is the last step. Your summary of charges, the contact
and billing information will also be displayed. Please make sure that you have
agreed with our Terms of Service. Click Finish.

When you are done with these four steps, you will be directed to a welcome page that
displays your User ID, Username, Password and Fax Number. Your email address on file
will also be receiving a welcome letter, it includes all the necessary instructions
on how to get started with your FaxMicro account.

About Us

FaxMicro have been in the Internet and Telecommunications technology since 1994. It
offers an easy-to-use Internet Fax service that allows you to send faxes from
anywhere in the Continental US.

Web Site:

Contact Details:
2063 N Lecanto HWAY
Lecanto, FL 34461
Telephone: 1-877-329-7842

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