RAID 1 Now Supported in Xorcom Asterisk(r)-Based IP-PBX Appliances

Released on: August 13, 2008, 8:15 am

Press Release Author: Xorcom

Industry: Telecommunications

Press Release Summary: Inclusion of RAID 1 support, industry-standard redundancy
mechanism, geometrically increases system reliability in Xorcom's top-of-the-line
telephony solutions

Press Release Body: Xorcom, a privately-held manufacturer of telephony hardware
solutions based on Asterisk® open-source software, announced today that its XR2000T
and XR3000T IP-PBX appliances now offer RAID 1 support for increased system
reliability. The XR2000 and XR3000 are all-in-one Asterisk-based IP-PBX appliances
that allow seamless communication using both VoIP and traditional telephony
protocols. RAID - which stands for Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks or Redundant
Array of Independent Disks - is a technology that employs the simultaneous use of
two or more hard disk drives to achieve greater levels of reliability, among other
benefits. The reliability provided by RAID is essential to meet the 'always-on'
requirements of enterprise-grade telephony installations, and complements the robust
feature set and ease of installation and maintenance afforded by the Xorcom IP-PBX

In the Xorcom implementation of RAID 1, two 80 GB hard disks are supplied. If the
active hard disk fails, the second hard-disk automatically takes over and an alarm
e-mail is sent to the system administrator. The Xorcom XR2000 or XR3000 unit
continues to work seamlessly, and the system administrator can schedule a planned
replacement of the faulty disk at a convenient time.

The XR2000 is a full-featured IP-PBX appliance suitable for medium-sized
installations. It may be equipped with up to 32 analog ports and a single ISDN RI
E1/T1 port. The XR2000 supports up to 160 PSTN / analog phones ports, up to 300
users and up to 120 concurrent calls.

The XR3000 is a heavy-duty IP-PBX appliance supporting a variety of various
telephony port combinations. The device may be equipped with up to 32 analog ports,
and up to 4 PRI E1/T1 ports. The XR3000 supports up to 640 PSTN / analog phones, up
to 1,000 users and up to 300 concurrent calls.

Both the XR2000 and the XR3000 are compatible with the leading Asterisk
distributions, including: trixbox CET, ElastixT, and DruidT.

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Contact Details: Ruth Bridger
VP Marketing
Xorcom Ltd.
Tel: +972 (0)4 995-1972

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