Recession Proof Training and Advice

Released on: August 28, 2008, 2:36 pm

Press Release Author: Boogles Ltd

Industry: Accounting

Press Release Summary: With an impending recession looming, people really need to
understand how money works, and to get ahead of the game. A good profession to be in
right now could be \'bookkeeping\' as they do say that it\'s supposed to be recession

Press Release Body: Boogles now offer bookkeeping training and money courses

Boogles Ltd have been offering a bookkeeping service since 2004, and as time has
gone on, the demand for training courses has grown strong. Bookkeeping, is
traditionally seen as a recession proof industry - a bit like gambling, beverages
and other vices, and now the company are proud to be able to offer bookkeeping
training courses to students, and bookkeepers in practice.

In addition, money courses aimed at women are also on offer as there was a
recognition that many women are responsible for a families finances, and there is
very little help or guidance on how it should be done in the mainstream. Managing
money is not something that is taught in schools, and yet it is arguably, an
extremely important life skill. As Boogles already help small businesses to manage
their books and understand the numbers, they are now extending this service to
individuals too.

Lisa Newton, Director of Boogles Ltd, says: "It is truly shocking how many people
are unable to balance their cheque book. That said, when it comes to bookkeeping
even, few bookkeepers have ever received any formal training. So, training courses
were a natural extention to what we do already. And with the threat of recession
looming, we're just hoping to be able to give courses that will help people to find
and keep work, and to help women stay afloat and solvent."

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Contact Details: - Name of the company: Boogles Ltd
- Address of the company: Fitzroy House - 3rd floor, Abbot Street, Dalston, London
E6 6ER
- Detailed contact informations: Tel: 0844 8844 622, Fax: 08712 449 500, Mobile:
07854 216 482, Email:
- Presscontact: Nabila Quarshie

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