Skype starts to speak thanks to Expressivo

Released on: August 5, 2008, 12:36 am

Press Release Author: IVO Software

Industry: Telecommunications

Press Release Summary: IVO Software has presented the latest Expressivo 1.4.2
program which can read any text aloud. The new Expressivo has been embedded into the
Skype communicator which, thanks to this, has started to speak to its users.

Press Release Body: The integration of Expressivo and Skype is automatic. A few
moments is all it takes and Skype begins to speak. Now, at last, we can walk away
from the computer. If we wish, the program will inform us which of our friends have
logged onto Skype, or read all the text messages that have been sent to us without
us having to constantly scan the monitor.

Skype's new functions, acquired thanks to Expressivo, make working with the program
easier and give us a great deal more freedom. They can be of real significance for
the elderly and those with sight problems. So far, using the communicator has been
difficult or even impossible for them. Reading small fonts often was a difficult
barrier to cross. Now, thanks to Expressivo, Skype has become a convenient and
effective tool for communication.

Talking computer
Skype is yet another computer program that, thanks to Expressivo, has started to
speak to us. Previously, thanks to Expressivo, the users of the popular browsers
Internet Explorer and Firefox were able to listen to the content of webpages. The
e-mail program Mozilla Thunderbird also began to speak, and now it can read our
e-mails to us. In addition, Expressivo can read memos entered in the Mozilla Sunbird
organiser, and also tasks from Google Calendar.

More about Expressivo
Expressivo is a computer program which can read any text aloud. The program can be
used as as an aid to learning a foreign language, as a voice-over reading film
subtitles or creating audiobooks. Expressivo makes it possible to listen to books,
RSS news items, web pages, e-mails - not only on computer, but also on portable MP3
players. Thanks to Expressivo more and more computer applications are able to
communicate with their users by voice. Thanks to its affordability Expressivo makes
it possible for virtually everyone to make use of text-to-speech technology. More
information about Expressivo is available at

Additional information about IVONA and IVO TTS Software
The speech synthesis technology built into Expressivo - IVONA - is regarded as one
of the best in the world. This is demonstrated by the numerous awards and
distinctions won around the world. IVONA's voice quality was recognized, among
others, by the prestigious international Blizzard Challenge contest. Two times in a
row, in 2006 and 2007, it was recognized as being one of the closest to a natural
voice. The makers of IVONA and Expressivo - IVO Software - has been operating since
2001 and has from the start been involved in the creation and development of TTS
products. Try out IVONA's voices at

Additional materials

Visit to watch a short film about the new
skill of Skype.

Web Site:

Contact Details: Andrzej Sowula
Plac na Groblach 20/19

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