Telesoft Technologies Enhances 3G Network Monitoring Support

Released on: August 6, 2008, 2:18 am

Press Release Author: Tim Daniels, Telesoft Technologies

Industry: Telecommunications

Press Release Summary: Extends Monitoring Support to CMDA2000 EV-DO Access Network

Press Release Body: Blandford, England, 6th August, 2008 - Telesoft Technologies
today announced the ability to monitor the access network IP interfaces in CDMA2000
EV-DO mobile networks, an enhancement to its CDMA monitoring capabilities. Passively
monitoring a CDMA2000 mobile network allows service providers to manage the network
and OEMs to offer value added services to customers including location based and
roaming services.

In 3G configurations, CDMA2000 EV-DO uses data packets rather than dedicated
circuits in the access network. Passively monitoring and extracting signalling and
data information in packet networks however is doubly difficult as the packets are
multiplexed together during transmission.

"Packet based technology is being used in 3G networks worldwide to vastly reduce
infrastructure costs and support next generation subscriber services", said Ray
Hutton, Product Manager, Telesoft Technologies. "Our customers are demanding a
CDMA2000 EV-DO packet monitoring capability enabling them to offer value added
services such as location based advertising and welcome messages as well as services
such as lawful interception which rely on monitoring probes to analyse signalling
and gather user data".

The interfaces monitored are the A1(P), A2(P) and A5 interfaces which carry the
signalling and user data between the Access Network Controller (ANC) and the Mobile
Switching Centre (MSC) on copper or optical fibre links . Countries with CDMA2000
networks include: USA, South Africa, India, Brazil and Japan. Europe and much of the
rest of the world uses the UMTS 3G standard, monitoring of which is also supported
by Telesoft Technologies.

About Telesoft Technologies:
Telesoft Technologies (a UK based company, is focused
on providing reliable and cost-effective Telecommunications, Monitoring, Homeland
Security and Intelligence solutions. Its products solve interworking connectivity
problems and provide applications valued by telecom operators and customers. More
than 250 operators use Telesoft telephony products in fixed, 2G, 3G mobile and IP
networks in over 100 countries.

Web Site:

Contact Details: Tim Daniels (Telesoft Technologies)
Product Marketing Manager
Tel: +44 1258 486 518

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