Texas Firm Offers Regenerative Thermal Oxidation Systems

Released on: August 22, 2008, 5:26 am

Press Release Author: Epcon Industrial Systems

Industry: Industrial

Press Release Summary: Epcon Industrial Systems provides factories with affordable
pollution control. Are regenerative thermal oxidizers the answer to your factory's
pollution control needs?

Press Release Body: Conroe, Texas-based EpconŽ Industrial Systems has a proven
record in the design, installation, and maintenance of air pollution control systems
and industrial ovens. Toward that end, Epcon is happy to offer services in the
production of regenerative thermal oxidizers.

These oxidizers, which remove contaminants from the process gases produces by many
industrial applications, are necessary for the continued safety of your factory and
the world at large. With 99% success rates and self-sustainability attainable goals,
regenerative thermal oxidizers are the answer to your industrial pollution control

RTOs are noted for their reliability and sustainability, characteristics crucial to
processes that must typically be run every moment your factory is in production
mode. Well-designed RTO systems have terrifically low failure rates and require only
minimal maintenance for years of safe and successful operation.

Starting from a single man in 1976, Epcon Industrial Systems has since grown into a
firm of sterling national reputation. With a wide line of industrial solutions
available, and the staff, expertise, and facilities to custom-produce a unique
solution for your company situation, Epcon is the firm of choice for all your
pollution control problems-including the design and implementation of a regenerative
thermal oxidation system..

As a firm dedicated not to reducing current levels of air pollution in America,
Epcon has long taken pride in their corporate reputation for environmental prudence,
seeking in each project to meet their client's needs by tailoring a solution that
has minimal impact on the world around us.

For your company's next regenerative thermal oxidizer, or to upgrade an existing
system into a self-sustainable process, be sure to contact Epcon through their
company website, or call 936.273.3300 .

To learn more, visit http://www.epconlp.com

PORTRAIT OF COMPANY (use on openpr.com only)

Epcon Industrial Systems is a manufacturer of air pollution control system, thermal
oxidizers, industrial ovens, and catalytic oxidizers.

Web Site: http://www.epconlp.com

Contact Details: 9280 Bay Plaza Blvd Suite 706
Tampa, FL 33619

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