Three Great Career Books Launched

Released on: August 4, 2008, 12:48 am

Press Release Author: Caterpillar Books

Industry: Human Resources

Press Release Summary: Caterpillar Books, India, is pleased to announce the
publication of noted career counsellor Alan Jones's three landmark books, 1. How to
Write a Winning CV, 2. How to Win at Interview, and 3. How to Build a Successful

The three titles are Special Indian Editions -- brought exclusively for Indian
readers/job-career aspirants. for the first-time ever. They are keyed to truly
change every job-aspirant/reader's life and career -- for the good, better, and

There are more than a handful of books on how-to-win-at-interview,
writing-a-winning-CV and building-a-career, but Jones's books are truly unique,
because they advocate a fresh and radically different approach to the whole
'job-interview-career' process and success.

Press Release Body: 1. Winning at Interview

This book tells you:
. How you can approach the interview with the right mental attitude.
. How with the right preparation you can secure a job offer even against better
qualified and more experienced people.
There are many books on the how-to-win-at-interview, but Winning at Interview is
truly unique. It advocates a fresh and radical approach to the whole \'job/interview\'
process. and winning in it.

Price: Rs 125

2. How to Write a Winning CV

This is a simple, step-by-step guide to building the perfect CV.
. Helps you tell everything employers need to know about you.
. Gives you that all-important winning edge over your competitors.
. Has checklists, tips and real great examples of CVs .
. Helps you communicate your strengths, abilities and personal attributes, while
playing down weaknesses.

Price: Rs 175

3. How to Build a Successful Career

This book is for people who realise that they are in the wrong job, or right job,
and look for something better, but are uncertain how to go about getting it.
. Guides how anyone, at any level, can take charge of their career and regard the
job they are currently doing as exactly that.
. Has dozens of tips, checklists and case studies
. Shows you step-by-step how to take responsibility for your career; decide where
you want to go; examine whether your current job will take you there; and, explore
your options for change and success.

Price: Rs 250

Also Available: 3-in-1 Combo Offer: Rs 450.00

About Alan Jones:

Alan Jones is a career counsellor of international repute. He\'s coached hundreds of
job seekers, including many from India. They have gained much empowerment from his
counsel - vastly improving their performance and career success.

Author Alan Jones\'s royalties from sales for these books will go to charity and
uplift of poor and mentally-challenged children for a period of five years.

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