Tommy Mills Tough Economy Calls for Maximization of Law Enforcement Resources, Trimming Fat from Current Budget

Released on: August 14, 2008, 1:22 pm

Press Release Author: Blueprint Creative Group

Industry: Government

Press Release Summary: Leon County taxpayer's dollars are funding the duplicating
efforts of the Leon County Sheriff's Office and the Tallahassee Police Department.
Tommy Mills proposes strategies to reduce duplication and trim the fat from the

Press Release Body: TALLAHASSEE, FL, August 16, 2008 - A tough economy, increasing
property taxes, and a mortgage crisis are all reasons to make effective use of
current budgets. Not to mention that current budget shortfalls limit the resources
and programs to be allocated funding, and the Leon County Sheriff's Office (LCSO) is
no exception. However, the current structure of LCSO where it operates independently
of other law enforcement agencies with no collaborative efforts in place is cause
for concern for Leon County Sheriff candidate, Tommy Mills. Once elected Leon County
Sheriff, Tommy Mills will implement strategies that maximize current law enforcement
resources while trimming the fat from the current budget.

To contend against budget shortfalls, one solution is to creative alternative means
to save money while keeping those essential services that protect the public. Since
there is a lack of collaboration between LCSO and TPD, both agencies often times
duplicate the efforts of the other. Consequently, Leon County taxpayers are left to
fund the duplicity of both law enforcement agencies. Prime example is the
duplication of specialty units for both agencies. As a solution to trimming some of
the fat from the current budget to allocate funding in other areas that may be
underfunded, Tommy Mills proposes that both agencies collaborate and cooperate with
one another and work towards functional consolidation of units to achieve economies
of scale, save taxpayer's dollars, and improve the services provided to the
community for more effective and efficient crime fighting. The idea behind
functional consolidation relies on maximizing the operational resources of both
agencies and reducing expenses through cost sharing measures. Mills also proposes a
budget reduction measure by reviewing current programs at LCSO and restructuring or
eliminating those that are under performing or non mission critical. Ultimately, as
Leon County Sheriff Tommy Mills wants to put taxpayer's dollars into good use and
alleviate the current stress on the budget. Tommy Mills is the candidate to carry
the Leon County Sheriff's Office in a new direction using cost-effective and
innovative solutions.

About Tommy Mills

Mills has worked for the Sheriff's Office on the correctional side since the mid-80s
and served a short stint as a volunteer reserve officer for the Florida Highway
Patrol prior to that. He advocates greater cooperation between LCSO and the
Tallahassee Police Department (TPD) as an effective method for better crime solving
capabilities. Visit for more information on Tommy Mills and
his platform.

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Contact Details: Media Contact:

Fabiola Fleuranvil of Blueprint Creative Group
for Tommy Mills for Leon County Sheriff
Phone: (404) 437-0078

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