Trisys Adds Robust SIP Call Recording for Under $300

Released on: August 12, 2008, 9:32 am

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Press Release Summary: Trisys introduces Replay VoIP

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Trisys Adds Robust SIP Call Recording
For Under $300
REPLAY VoIP Easy To Integrate and Use, Scales to Large Enterprises

Florham Park, NJ - August 12, 2008 - Trisys Inc., an industry leader in call
accounting and call recording solutions, today announced REPLAY VoIP, a
software-only, SIP-based solution for recording phone conversations in an IP PBX

The latest in Trisys' family of voice recording solutions, REPLAY VoIP is
cost-effective, powerful, easy to implement and integrate, and simple to use. With
its friendly Web-based interface, authorized personnel can search and retrieve call
recordings based on a variety of search criteria.

REPLAY VoIP creates Call Detail records from SIP headers. This call control
information is recorded for all calls accessible to the recording PC. The voice
recordings are constructed from RTP packets, and are recorded for designated

A SIP-based solution is now critical because proprietary system phones are $400 and
up, and many companies can't afford to be married to one proprietary system, forever
locked in, unable to integrate with others.

"Everyone is pushing SIP as a standard, both the PBX manufacturers and 3rd party
developers, because of integration and cost," said Michael Shevelev, CEO of Trisys.
"Many PBX manufactures realize if they don't support SIP, they're losing out on a
market. No one will tell you that they can't support SIP."

Because of its low price and robust feature set, Replay VoIP is a viable solution
for small- and mid-sized businesses, as well as large enterprises. For large
installations, multiple PCs with REPLAY VoIP can run on the same network, or a
distributed network, supporting anywhere from ten to thousands of SIP phones.

Features of REPLAY VoIP include: software-only solution; supports all SIP-based VoIP
phone systems; works on switched or hub-based Ethernet networks; recordings are .WAV
files; ability to email call recordings; password-protected remote access via Web
interface; search by date/time, caller ID, dialed number, call duration; ability to
play and download recordings; CODECs support G.711 and G.729 supported; automatic
record archiving/deleting; and flexible recording filter.

The REPLAY family of high-quality recording products includes REPLAY T1, for
connecting to T1 trunks; REPLAY ATS, for connecting to analog ports; and REPLAY ST,
for connecting to actual phone sets. All REPLAY products integrate easily with
Trisys' TAPIT Call Accounting, for a full-featured business solution.

About Trisys, Inc.
Trisys is a leading provider of call accounting, call recording and screen capture
technology, focused on solving corporate business issues through the implementation
of easy-to-use software/plug and play solutions. Trisys' Tapit EX, is a CRN Test
Center recommended solution. The company's fully integrated call accounting, call
recording, and screen capture technology enables small to mid-sized organizations to
better manage their entire telecommlifecycle - from inbound and outbound calls -
through expenses from their phone carrier. For more information:

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