enCentro announces the launch of its Analog to IP gateway server

Released on: August 6, 2008, 8:59 am

Press Release Author: Vasco Botelho

Industry: Telecommunications

Press Release Summary: enCentro announces the launch of its Analog to IP gateway

Press Release Body: Lisbon, August 06 2008 - enCentro, a leading provider of
affordable, reliable and scalable IPTV solutions to the Telco, Corporate and
Hospitality Markets around the world, today announced the launch of centroADC, its
Analog to IP gateway server.

The transition to digital terrestrial television and the definitive switch-off of
analog broadcast service in Western Europe is not a unified, coordinated effort. It
is up to each nation to implement the analog switch-off according on their own
timetables, and circumstances favour Portugal and the Nordic countries of Denmark,
Finland, Norway and Sweden to be the first to complete nationwide switchover from
analog to digital TV service by 2010.

enCentro believes that with the evolution of Communications and Network
Technologies, and the convergence to full IP Networks, the delivery of video
entertainment over IP infrastructure has become a viable opportunity to gain a
competitive edge and maximize revenue potential, thus it has created the ideal
solutions that cover most markets relevant to IPTV implementations.

As analog television will continue to be utilised in Western Europe beyond 2010, and
in other global geographic regions for many years thereafter, the centroADC Analog
to IP gateway server has been designed to cater to such needs thus allowing analog
signals to be distributed over IP networks.

The centroADC server has been designed to meet the rapidly evolving demands for
delivering high-quality video streams for distribution over IP networks. The
centroADC server is able to receive 4 channels per unit, and has the benefit of
acting as an analog receiver, encoder and IP unicast/multicast streamer all in one

Other innovative enCentro IPTV products include centroCHANGE (video transcoding
servers), centroFRONT (IPTV Middleware Server), centroMEDIA (VoD Servers) and
centroSTREAM (DVB-to-IP gateway Servers).

For more Information, please contact
enCentro Media Relations

About enCentro
enCentro is dedicated to providing accelerated high quality IPTV Solutions for the
international Telco, Hospitality and Corporate Markets.

enCentro´s innovative solutions enable Telco, Hospitality and Corporate customers to
provide interactive video content, thereby leveraging customer relationships and
existing network infrastructures, and capitalizing on the global rising interest in
advanced interactive video content.

enCentro is on the web at : www.encentro.eu

Web Site: http://

Contact Details: enCentro Media Relations

Vasco Botelho

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