19 year old Millionaire appointed CEO

Released on: September 24, 2008, 4:43 am

Press Release Author: Michael Anderson

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: The EAR Group Inc., a lifestyle technology firm, appoints 19
year old millionaire, Hezekiah Griggs III as CEO

Press Release Body: Today, The EAR Group, a leading marketing and data services
company, announced the appointment of Hezekiah Griggs III as its new Chief Executive
Officer (CEO). Griggs comes to The EAR Group from his previous post at HG3media,
where he was the founder and publisher of a myriad of print-productions, serving
hundreds of thousands of readers and subscribers. Griggs got his start as the
founder of Griggs Cinematography, has founded several startups, and earned the
respect of the business world across the globe as well as being recognize for his
business acumen and make no excuses and get it done attitude. His depth of technical
and management experience will now be applied to transform the EAR Group and its
divisions from a leader in marketing and data services to a global leader in
integrated enterprise marketing, public relations and data, and product services.

"We're very pleased to have Hezekiah Griggs as the CEO of The EAR Group," said
Michael Hall, a partner at MediumFour, a marketing firm with a significant
investment in The EAR Group. "We believe that his leadership abilities and broad
experience, together with his uncanny ability to transform and revolutionize
products and services, will drive The EAR Group in its next stage of development."

"What we have at EAR is simple, reasonable products and services that have the
ability to track, shift, and revolutionize any corporation," said Griggs. "EAR's
products enables customers to enhance their view and develop the skill to think
beyond current trends and be a part of the future. Their technology is by far way
more advanced than any other in our respective fields of business. EAR is writing
the plan for how to create a product, package and brand it, and allow the client to
simply change the way they do business. That is a powerful tool in this
ever-increasing technological world. My immediate focus will be to reach out to key
clients, partners, prospects and staff in order to gain an understanding of where we
are hitting the mark and where we need to do better. EAR is absolutely a business
worth partnering with! Next week, the EAR Group will announce a series of
advertising and promotional campaigns centered on its featured products and company
divisions. Griggs has signed on as an official sponsor of EAR products and will be
visible throughout EAR's promotional campaigns. A series of public conference calls
will be setup, as Griggs is expected to make his final transition to EAR at the
start of early next week. Griggs will also serve as Chairman of the Board of EAR
Group and its divisions.

About The EAR Group
The Ear Group is an umbrella-corporation that oversees 42 different operations.
Comprised of music-management and packaging, online promotions, credit and gift
services, data processing and unique data reporting, Public Relations, Marketing and
Brand Development, and design & detail productions. All information and registered
trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.


About Hezekiah Griggs III
Mr. Griggs oversees an expansive new media empire that includes Hip Hop on Wall
Street, The Ear Group, a magazine, consulting firm, and nonprofits specializing in
youth leadership and development all under the umbrella of his vast media empire.

In 2003 Mr. Griggs started HG3 Media, which allowed him to be at the helm of a vast
umbrella corporation which operated six different magazines and various multi-media

Griggs has accomplished more than most at his age and still manages to give back to
others. Griggs has set up a series of projects to make a difference with these
youth. Amongst these projects is Hip Hop on Wall Street, an organization geared
towards empowering high school and college students politically and economically.

On the nonprofit side Griggs is an active member and chair of several regional and
national organizations. Griggs' nonprofit work has led to missions in areas such as
New Orleans and the Gulf coast, the tri-state area, and internal programs all aimed
to provide the tools and resources needed for young people to survive in the 21st
century. Described by his peers as a business Prodigy, and Voice of Change, Hezekiah
Griggs is authentic voice of this generation.


Web Site: http://www.eargroupinc.com

Contact Details: The EAR Group
690 Northeast 13th Street • Suite 104
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304 (954)765-1474

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