Released on: September 3, 2008, 6:56 am

Press Release Author: Alex Deutsch - Planet Numbers

Industry: Telecommunications

Press Release Summary: Alex Deutsch reports on the spectacular air show in
Bournemouth this weekend and a group of people who offer non-geographical phone

Press Release Body: BOURNEMOUTH, THE CALM and tranquil seaside town, felt like
Heathrow airport this weekend. Planes worth as much as 52million took off from the
comparative model village airport, Hurn, as the much anticipated Air festival got
underway. However, as exciting as the aeroplanes were, the plane fanatic\'s eyes were
diverted to something quite unexpected as Planet Numbers offered 0845 numbers with
no incoming call charges.

As the sun peeked through the ever-collecting clouds to catch a glimpse of the
sensational aircrafts that majestically circled the town, like bees circling the
honey comb, something else special was happening not far from the seafront. In a
small office, just off the town centre, seven individuals were working hard to offer
the world 0844, 0845 and 03 telephone numbers., who
are keen Red Arrows fans, worked tirelessly to deal with the huge demand of the
non-geographical numbers while the stunning show was taking place.

\'We\'re offering customers highly memorable 0845, 0844 and 03 numbers for their
businesses because by having a highly memorable and unique telephone number
businesses are much more likely to receive telephone calls therefore more custom.\'
Said the very excitable John Kenward who had to be restrained from running to the
window every time he heard the sound of a plane. \'We know that the RAF have already
caught wind of this great initiative by having their very own 0845 number and urge
other businesses to do the same.\' would like to remind people that there are thousands
of non-geographic telephone numbers to chose from and to ask them not to panic as
there are enough for everyone. This statement comes after the riot that came in July
2008 where as many as three business men stampeded through the town of Bournemouth
as they raced for non-geographic telephone numbers. This unfortunate event resulted
in three snails being killed, one snail\'s shell severely damaged and one is now a

*Tributes are now being held for the three snails tragically lost that day at All
Saints church, Southbourne. The parents of the snails ask that you don\'t bring any
flowers, as they will be eaten, but to donate whatever you can to Shell Research -
the foundation for fixing broken shells. All are invited.*

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Contact Details: Alex Deutsch - 08450 066 066

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