ATM Automated Teller Machines Sales and ATM Processing

Released on: September 7, 2008, 8:53 am

Press Release Author: Noah Weider

Industry: Telecommunications

Press Release Summary: They specialize in ATM deployment, their processing center
drives thousands of ATMs nationwide for merchants, banks, vendors and investors with
a true turn-key program of end-to-end processing, direct connectivity to ATM
networks, online management reporting and residual accounting.

Press Release Body: If you need ATM Processing and want the best deal you\'ve come to
the right place. Our ATM will be connected directly with the network gateway
processors and all the ATM networks which offers us the most reliable ATM processing
available with the lowest percentage of declined access in the industry. This means
more positive and profitable transactions on our ATM machines.

When they ATM processing transactions with your ATM machine sales will
dial a toll free number to begin the authorization process. Our ATM will be
re-programmed with a TID (terminal ID number) that will identify it on their
processor so the networks will allow the transaction to complete. This TID along
with other identifying information lets the cardholder\'s bank know that the
transaction is taking place on our ATM.

Your cash machine sales will connect to the networks through our processing center
and then to the cardholder’s bank. If there are sufficient funds in the ATM
cardholders account for the withdrawal request, the transaction will be completed.
The ATM receives the authorization and dispenses the cash requested. Your ATM can
also be used if someone just wants to check their account balance or transfer funds
before or after withdrawing cash. There would be no convenience fee charged by your
ATM for non-cash withdrawal transactions.

Typically doesn\'t matter what type of ATM machine you have. Their network will work
on almost any ATM machine and our ATM processing works nationwide. If you already
have an ATM machine or need a new one you can earn up to 110% of your surcharge fee
by switching to

They work with Credit Unions, local and regional Financial Institutions, banks,
retailers, bars, nightclubs, convenience stores, supermarkets, museums, tourist
attractions, home owner associations, commercial and residential landlords, and any
other type of business. No network fee, no sponsorship fees, no monthly fees, and no
hidden charges at all.

They know and understand the various options that banks and retail merchants have
when choosing an ATM partner. Originally, they felt retailers would rather work with
a small local independent sales agent that represented a medium to large company.
Well it turns out that merchants and financial institutions need a better option.
The problem is that many sales agents unfamiliar with the business come and go. Some
make promises they cannot keep or misrepresent the company they work for without
even knowing it. Retailers ended up signing long-term agreements that are sold like
commodities. All of a sudden, Merchants don’t know who to call for help. ATM depot
removes all that uncertainty by letting merchants, retailers, and financial
institutions deal directly with us. No middle man, no salesperson.

Web Site:

Contact Details: St. Merrta , 0986542387,

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