Acu-Vib Electronics Expands Inventory to Medical and Veterinary Equipment in NSW, Australia

Released on: September 17, 2008, 4:08 am

Press Release Author: Tammie Rebolledo

Industry: Telecommunications

Press Release Summary: Acu-Vib Electronics has expanded its inventory and is now
offering medical and veterinary equipment to general health care facilities,
intensive care units and OH&S centres in the Australian market.

Press Release Body: New South Wales, Australia ( ExpressPrezssRelease ) - September
17, 2008 -Acu-Vib Electronics, operating online through, has expanded their inventory and is now
offering veterinary and medical equipment to the Australian market. Formerly
specialising in acoustic and vibration equipment, Acu-Vib Electronics now has the
ability to cater to the needs of general health practices, intensive care units and
OH&S centres with modern medical equipment that is purported to meet the varying
demands of today's medical centres.

According to a company representative, "Acu-Vib distributes to all levels of the
multidisciplinary nature of Medical and Veterinary fields. Products available
include ECGs, audiometers, patient monitors, spirometers and ultrasounds which range
from basic models needed in less demanding practices to models needed [for the] high
demands of Intensive care facilities."

Acu-Vib Electronics' current inventory list represents medical products from several
international suppliers; medical devices include pulsoximeters, veterinary
ultrasound and veterinary ECGs, capnographs, and surgical lasers. As per Acu-Vib's
website, they offer "an extensive range of healthcare equipment, medical
instrumentation and related products to ICU, Emergency, Surgical and General
Practice settings."

About Acu-Vib Electronics

Acu-Vib Electronics is an Australian medical and veterinary equipment supplier
operating in Castle Hill, New South Wales. One-on-one consultations and live
equipment demonstrations are available upon request. For more information about
Acu-Vib Electronics and their medical equipment, visit their website at


Tammie Rebolledo
Unit 14, 22 Hudson Avenue
Castle Hill, NSW, 2154
Phone: +61 2 9680-8133

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