Alarm Monitoring Companies to Provide Temperature Monitoring for Food Services

Released on: September 16, 2008, 2:20 am

Press Release Author: Tommy Orpaz

Industry: Food & Beverage

Press Release Summary: Green Edge Systems, Inc. presents its All-In-One Monitoring™
wireless temperature monitoring system for food services in the ASIS 2008 Security

Press Release Body: Woodland Hills, CA , September 16, 2008 -- Green Edge Systems,
Inc., a trusted leader of HACCP temperature monitoring for food services, presents
its All-In-One Monitoring™ and DataNet state-of-the-art affordable hardware
products, software and communication platforms for alarm monitoring companies in the
ASIS 2008 Security Exhibition, Atlanta, Georgia 15-17 September 2008.

The new All-In-One Monitoring™ platform allows alarm monitoring companies to add
temperature monitoring for their food service customers.

The new system allows alarm monitoring companies to provide monitoring services to
refrigeration systems in addition to their existing alarm monitoring services
without the need for upgrade their current alarm monitoring equipment.

The new All-In-One Monitoring™ platform for alarm monitoring companies is part of a
new family of interfaces to the DataNet wireless sensor platform that also includes:

* All-In-One Monitoring™ platform for temperature monitoring of multi-location food
services such as school food services.
* All-In-One Monitoring™ platform for maintenance directors.
* All-In-One Monitoring™ platform for refrigeration service companies that can
manage remotely their customers’ refrigeration equipment.
* All-In-One Monitoring™ platform for energy managers that help optimize the energy
efficient use of their refrigeration systems.

Alarm monitoring companies and refrigeration service companies can provide their
customers with temperature and performance monitoring of refrigeration equipment in
addition to central monitoring services.

All-In-One Monitoring™ features its own dashboard interface which allows full screen
central monitoring of temperature, performance, predictive maintenance and energy
efficiency monitoring of the refrigeration systems, in a single view.

When receiving alerts from All-In-One Monitoring™, customers get an indication of
the severity and urgency of the problem.

On display will also be the DataNet Wireless Intelligent HACCP temperature
monitoring system, the most advanced, reliable, and affordable Zigbee wireless
sensor system.

DataNet is fully integrated into the Green Edge Systems' web based All-In-One
Monitoring™ platform. Visit
for more information.

Highlights of the Green Edge Systems DataNet monitoring solution:

* Each sensor is a data logger has 4 separate sensor inputs and can store up to
60,000 readings and has an internal memory and processor.
* The All-In-One Monitoring™ web based software platform monitors all the kitchens
in the organization in addition to separate software platforms that run in each
* Fully meshed network Zigbee is supported by the sensors.
* This system is one of the first of its kind, which fully implements the meshed
network Zigbee protocol.
* Extended transmission range of up to one mile between gateways/repeaters and the
* Operating keypad and large LCD display on each sensor.
* Full calibration of the probes is possible through the network.
* Increased accuracy of temperature reading up to 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit.
* Every sensor has up to four external recording inputs: NTC, PT100 2 wire,
Thermocouple J, K and T, door sensors, 4-20mA, 0-1V, and Pulse counter
* Availability of repeaters; a whole building can run on a single gateway.
* The software allows the view of real time sensors layout with strength signal per
sensor and the actual signal pass.
* Additional internal temperature and humidity reading in each sensor at no
additional charge.
* A separate dry contact relay in each sensor, gateway and repeater, allows
triggering of local alarms as well as triggering campus building management systems.
* Email and SMS cell phone alerts configurable per kitchen and per campus.
* 4-20mA inputs in the sensors allow connection of pressure and other sensors.
* Bi-directional communication between the gateway and sensors allows update of the
sensors anytime, and over-the-air firmware updates.
* A built in battery charger and battery backup in each sensor and repeater.
* Frequency between readings can occur within a few seconds, allowing immediate
response when the system is not working properly.
* If reception deteriorates, the system automatically, within 10 seconds, finds
alternative routings of the signals and ensures continuous maximum strength
* Immediate alerts when power or refrigeration is lost for each sensor.
* Critical compressor malfunction and poor performance alerts.
* Predictive maintenance alerts allow immediate preventive maintenance actions.
* Data displayed in numeric or graphical way for all inputs.
* Energy Efficiency alerts when the refrigeration system in not running efficiently.

To get additional information on Green Edge Systems, Inc. Wireless Temperature
Monitoring Systems for Food Services or set at appointment at the ASIS 2008 Security
Exhibition, Atlanta, Georgia 15-17 September 2008 , please contact Green Edge
Systems, Inc. at or call 818-825-8167.
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