Asterisk and SER based VoIP Billing Software launched by Ascent Telecom

Released on: September 25, 2008, 6:27 am

Press Release Author: Ascent Telecom

Industry: Telecommunications

Press Release Summary: Ascent Telecom has announced launch of it’s “VoIP Billing
Software” that is Pre-Integrated with Asterisk & SER Switching & PBX Telephony
Platforms. Ascent’s VoIP Billing Software is a Real-Time Rating, Billing & Customer
Care Management Solution that is tightly integrated with Asterisk & SER Softswitch &
PBX Telephony platforms. Essentially, this makes the whole integrated solution an
end-to-end VoIP network platform that lets the Service providers offer a range of
VoIP Services at very low cost of ownership.

Press Release Body: The whole platform is capable of supporting range of VoIP
services – PC to Phone, Device to Phone, Phone to Phone, Calling cards, Callshops,
Wholesale Traffic Termination, Traffic Routing, Incoming DID. It boasts-off features
& functionalities including, but not limiting to:
1. Real-Time Calculations for all the functionalities
2. 100% Web based
3. Multiple web interfaces for multiple entities like Admin, Agent, Retailer,
Customer, Prepaid Account
4. Full Customization & Modular Architecture
5. Fully Automated LCR, Carrier & Routing web interfaces integrated with Asterisk &
SER at the backend.
6. Prepaid & Postpaid Capabilities
7. IVR Support for IVR based calling services

In combination with Asterisk & SER, this VoIP Billing Software forms a complete
end-to-end VoIP platform that is completely software based. Add-on future services
can be integrated by simply integrating the add-on components in to existing

The solution is meant for “Service providers” who intend to offer range of Private
Labeled VoIP services, in their desired market segment. Service Providers benefits
a. Lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) - Asterisk & SER are free and so the only
charge that the service providers incur, for setting their VoIP network, is of the
VoIP Billing Software. All of these software gets installed on standard Intel based
hardware machines.
b. Instant Implementation - All the software components (Asterisk, SER, VoIP
Billing, Softphone) are pre-integrated and benchmarked. These software gets
installed on standard, readily available, Intel based hardware machines. All of this
translates in to instant implementation.
c. Total Support for end-to-end network from single point - All the required support
for Asterisk, SER, VoIP Billing and Softphone are provided by Ascent Telecom. We act
as a single point of contact for all your network related queries and saves you from
hassles of running from pillar to post.
d. Feature Richness - Asterisk is the most feature rich switching platform that you
would find. Our VoIP Billing software is an 8 year old proven feature rich piece. It
is extremely flexible, modular in architecture. All of this, makes the platform
future-proof, whereby existing features make it rich presently and future new
requirements can be incorporated easily.
e. Customization / Personalization - Most potent tool that one can have, in a
software or set of software, is that it can be customized as per the specific needs
of the service provider. Keeping this mind, our offerings are always 100%
customizable as per the customer needs.

Please visit for more
information or drop an email at

Ascent Telecom is a Global provider of VoIP Software Products, Solutions & Services
to “Service Providers”. Founded in year 2000, Ascent Telecom has more than 300
customers presence in over 30 countries. Ascent sell it’s offerings either by
selling it’s software or by providing an option of Hosted VoIP Softswitch & Billing,
to it’s targeted customers (Service Providers). Ascent has full range of VoIP
Software, including but not limiting to – SIP Softphone, VoIP Billing & Class 5 SIP
Softswitch (SIP Proxy Server & Media Proxy Server). These software collectively,
lets the service providers offer a full range of VoIP services to their customers.
Please visit us at for further information.

Asterisk is the world’s leading open source telephony engine and tool kit. Asterisk
can be configured as the core of an IP or hybrid PBX, switching calls, managing
routes, enabling features, and connecting callers with the outside world over IP,
analog (POTS), and digital (T1/E1) connections. Asterisk runs on a wide variety of
operating systems including Linux, Mac OS X, OpenBSD, FreeBSD and Sun Solaris.
Asterisk's architecture is designed for maximum flexibility and supports Voice over
IP in many protocols, and can interoperate with almost all standards-based telephony
equipment using relatively inexpensive hardware. Internet Telephony Service
Providers (ITSPs), competitive local exchange carriers (CLECS) and even first-tier
incumbents have discovered the power of open source communications with Asterisk.
Feature servers, hosted services clusters, voicemail systems, pre-paid calling
solutions, all based on Asterisk have helped reduce costs and enabled flexibility.
NOTE: About Asterisk text has been taken from

SIP Express Router (SERi) is a high-performance, configurable, free SIP server
licensed under the open-source GNU license . It can act as SIP (RFC 3261) registrar,
proxy or redirect server. SER can be configured to serve specialized purposes such
as load balancing or SIP front-end to application servers, SEMS for example.
Together with the RTPproxy software it can act as media relay or Session Border
Controller. SER features complete support of RFC 3261 functionality, a variety of
database backends (mysql, oracle, postgres, radius, text-db), management features
(remote management via XML-RPC, load-balancing), NATi traversal, telephony features
(LCR, speeddial), multidomain hosting, ENUM, presence, and even more.
NOTE: About SER text has been taken from

Web Site:

Contact Details: D-177, Sector-27, Noida-201301
Phone: 91-120-4276602

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