CharityNet USA Announces Strategic Marketing Services for Charities and Churches

Released on: September 15, 2008, 8:34 am

Press Release Author: BizCentral USA

Industry: Non Profit

Press Release Summary: CharityNet USA, a subsidiary of BizCentral USA, the web’s
leading source of business services for the nonprofit sector, is proud to announce
its newly redesigned marketing program for nonprofits.

Press Release Body:
CharityNet USA, the web’s leading source of business services for the nonprofit
sector, is proud to announce its newly redesigned marketing program for nonprofits.
Recognizing a new acceptance of not-for-profit advertising, CharityNet has developed
a variety of services aimed at satisfying the marketing needs of organizations
seeking to prosper in an often competitive environment.

Throughout the nonprofit community, the tide has been changing for the past decade.
The trend is moving irreversibly toward competition. As a result, administrators are
beginning to react, respond, and reshape their organizations into viable
competitors. In an effort to satisfy their constituents, charities and churches are
realizing that they must employ traditional business skills to pursue their mission.
Primarily, they must become market-driven, and establish a mission-based marketing

CharityNet USA understands the marketing needs of charities, and thus has developed
a multitude of marketing initiatives focused on the specific needs of nonprofit
organizations. Their services are focused on creating consistent branding and
exciting marketing materials to help create awareness of an organization’s mission
and services. CharityNet marketing solutions are effective at targeting the right
audience through multiple channels, locally or at a national level. Critical
initiatives with which they offer support include development of professional
strategic plans, newsletters, brochures, press releases, e-presentations, and
fundraising event promotion. Additionally, CharityNet taps into the age of
technology, offering web promotion and low cost e-marketing initiatives to help
build traffic and awareness.

CharityNet USA has developed a step by step process to help "spread the word" and
quickly create awareness of any organization. They can save you time and money, plus
help you find resources to start or grow your business.

About CharityNet USA

CharityNet USA’s mission is to serve as a “one-stop” resource center for churches
and charities nationwide. As the nation’s number one provider of nonprofit services,
CharityNet USA offers assistance in all aspects of establishing, operating, and
sustaining a religious or community-based nonprofit. In addition to the diverse
products CharityNet makes available, the organization also provides charities and
churches with free tools and links to resources for nonprofit organizations.

For more information on CharityNet USA and their marketing services for nonprofits,
please visit or call 877-857-9002.

Web Site:

Contact Details: CharityNet USA
Melanie Guin, MNM
2151 Consulate Drive
Suite 13
Orlando, FL, 32837
407-857-9309 fax

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