HRCrossing Membership Provides Free Access to 90-Plus Niche Job Boards

Released on: September 16, 2008, 5:35 am

Press Release Author: Mary Waldron

Industry: Human Resources

Press Release Summary: HRCrossing, the world’s leading HR job portal, has announced
free access to its 90-plus niche job site affiliates with membership to any one.
HRCrossing ( currently has over 20,000 HR jobs in its database,
and members can access over 2 million other jobs listed on its affiliate niche job
boards .

Press Release Body: ''Keeping in view the growing needs of HR professionals looking
for greener pastures in other industries, HRCrossing has opened the doors for
members to access our other niche job boards,'' says A. Harrison Barnes, CEO of
HRCrossing. ''These job boards offer exclusive openings from a wide variety of
industries, including training, counseling , public relations , sales ,
information technology , marketing , consulting , and many more.''

All the 90-plus job boards are similar in look and feel to HRCrossing and are backed
by extremely powerful search functionalities, including the ability to:

Search by Job Title
All of the job boards have compiled a list of the top job titles in their respective
industry and displayed said list on the given homepage. ''Job seekers can easily
search for their preferred job titles with a single click,'' adds Barnes.

Search by Geographic Location
Every single one of the 90-plus job sites allows members to search for jobs
geographically. ''Job seekers can target their job searches by country, state, city,
zip code, radius in miles, and/or an extremely handy US map,'' Barnes notes.

Search by Keywords
All of the job boards also offer keyword search, whereby job seekers can search for
specific keywords in job titles and/or job descriptions.

''The current economy is teetering on recession, and layoffs are rampant. The niche
concept in job search has outsmarted the traditional approach, and HRCrossing and
its affiliate niche job sites have gained immense popularity from their collections
of exclusive jobs ,'' says Barnes.

HRCrossing charges $29.95 per month from job seekers, although the website is
absolutely free to members for the first seven days. An HRCrossing member can also
access the other 90-plus Crossing sites absolutely free for the first seven days.

For more information on HRCrossing, please visit .

For additional information on the other 90-plus Crossings, please visit .

About HRCrossing

HRCrossing is an affiliate of EmploymentCrossing, a powerful and comprehensive
organization dedicated to helping professionals find jobs that will enhance their
careers. HRCrossing consolidates every HR job opening it can find in one convenient
location. The website also offers a seven-day free trial to new members.

About EmploymentCrossing

EmploymentCrossing is the largest portal of employment opportunities in the world,
seamlessly bringing job seekers and employers together throughout the career cycle.
The company continuously monitors the hiring needs of 250,000-plus employers.
EmploymentCrossing is an umbrella company to about 90-plus industry-specific job
boards that gather and update all current and active job listings to their sites.

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Contact Details: Contact:
Mary Waldron, Editorial Coordinator

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