Health Conscious South Koreans Going Organic

Released on: September 19, 2008, 10:53 pm

Press Release Author: Shushmul Maheshwari

Industry: Food & Beverage

Press Release Summary: Demand for organic food in South Korea is thriving on the
back of consumers perceiving organic food as a safer and healthier option to regular

Press Release Body: According to our new research report, “South Korean Food and
Drinks Market: Emerging Opportunities”, the South Korean organic food market,
including fresh produce, field crops and processed organic foods, has shown strong
growth in the past few years, mainly driven by rising per capita income and growing
health awareness, and is forecasted to continue to grow in future.

Food consumption trends indicate that South Koreans are moving away from their
traditional diet towards a more western style. They are opting for high value and
quality food products as they are becoming more health conscious and now prefer food
with an organic label on it.

Besides the rising health concerns, the report states, South Korean consumers are
willing to pay little extra for good taste. As a result, demand for organic fruits
and vegetables have been on a high trajectory growth in the country. Other favorite
organic food products include organic jams, pasta, flour, bottled water and even
candies. These can now be found on the shelves of almost every supermarket, discount
store and department store in the country.

Gaining momentum from these factors, the organic food market is expected to
accelerate at a CAGR of around 23% till 2010, says an analyst at RNCOS.

Apart from organic food, “South Korean Food and Drinks Market: Emerging
Opportunities” also provides extensive research on various other food segments, such
as milk, fruits, vegetables, confectionery, meat etc. It comprehensively discusses
the consumption patterns in different food segments. The beverage segment talks
about the type of beverages, and their sales and consumption patterns among the
people of South Korea, while the tobacco segment gives a brief outline of the
tobacco industry in the country. Studying the historical and current performance of
various food and beverages segments, this research anticipates the future prospects
of each segment.

This report has been made to help clients in analyzing the opportunities, challenges
and drivers critical to the growth of the industry in South Korea.

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