Health Mate Sauna Exec Licks Glue Used in Construction to Prove it is Non-toxic

Released on: September 16, 2008, 3:11 pm

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Press Release Summary: It is not safe to sit inside a sauna made from toxic glue, so
a Health Mate sauna executive demonstrated that he could lick the adhesive his
company uses to prove it is non-toxic.

Press Release Body: Buena Park , CA – Won Lee, vice president of PLH Products,
manufacturer of Health Mate saunas, wants people to know that his far infrared dry
saunas are safe and do not have toxic chemicals, and to prove it he licked the
adhesive used on the wood in the construction process.

The accompanying photo ( shows Lee licking the
adhesive at the Health Mate factory, proving the glue is non-toxic.

“Many cheaper, fly-by-night companies use unsafe adhesives or just don't know what
is in their adhesive,” said Lee. “With this picture, Health Mate can prove that our
glue is non-toxic. PLH Products takes the greatest care in bringing the finest
products to our consumers that are safe and reliable.”

A sauna made from toxic glue can be dangerous because the heat from the sauna can
release the toxic chemicals into the air, and people using the sauna can breathe
those toxic fumes.

There are many reasons people are putting a Health Mate far infrared sauna in their
home, such as the health and wellness benefits, to reduce stress, and for pain

Studies have shown that a far infrared sauna helps to lower diastolic blood
pressure, improve heart function, and increase blood circulation, while customers
have declared that the Health Mate helps ease the pain from fibromyalgia and
arthritis. Regular use of the sauna detoxifies the body from the chemicals and heavy
metal toxins through sweating, which prevents illness and disease, and strengthens
the immune system.

Additional information about the benefits of a sauna can be found on the company’s
web site at

“Since 1979, Health Mate has proudly served as the benchmark in the industry,
with the latest technology to provide quality far infrared home saunas, ideal for
deep relaxation
and soothing comfort, as well as health and healing. We are the largest far infrared
manufacturer in the world by sales volume,” said Lee.

About Health Mate Saunas:
Health Mate saunas have been manufactured and sold in the United States by PLH
Products since 1979. Company headquarters are in Buena Park, CA with offices around
the world and over 300 distributors in the United States.

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Theresa Nguyen

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