Indian Security and Surveillance Market

Released on: September 30, 2008, 1:39 am

Press Release Author: Bharatbook

Industry: Industrial

Press Release Summary: launches a latest report "Indian Security and
Surveillance Market " which covers an overview of the Global Security and
Surveillance Industry with North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific as the major focus

Press Release Body: added a new report on "Indian Security and
Surveillance Market" (

The report focuses on the dynamics of the Indian security and surveillance industry,
the market size and growth, the segments of the industry and, the challenges and
opportunities that the industry is facing. The report also covers the current
scenario and trends that the industry is undergoing.

On the competitive landscape, the report lays out the major equipment manufacturers
that functions within the Indian industry and the strategies these companies are
following to capture the major chunk of the market share. The concluding part of the
report covers the future outlook of the industry. It will focus on the dynamics of
technology, competition and government initiatives that will play a major role in
shaping the future of the industry.

The significance of security & surveillance systems have changed over the years as
people are realizing the benefits derived from it. Recent events and terrorist
attacks have significantly influenced the way one considers what are adequate levels
of security. The more common threat from sabotage or theft by employees is also
adding to the need and increased requirement for better security and surveillance in
the corporate arena. As a result, individual sophisticated security based
electronics is flooding the market creating a niche of their own segment. Nowadays
people are increasingly requesting integrated security solutions, both for products
and services, where all that is required can be procured from a single vendor.
Budgets are being set aside by big corporate for providing adequate protection
measures for employees.

The global electronic security market includes intrusion alarms, access control,
Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) surveillance, IP-solutions, fire alarm and
evacuation systems, and security management systems. Security surveillance systems
generally include equipments used for security purposes. The equipments used are
analog or digital cameras, IP cameras, Video Cassette Recorder (VCR)/ Digital Video
Recorder (DVR)/ Network Video Recorder (NVR), encoders, and electronic access
control systems.

There are different uses and applications for security and surveillance equipments.
Traditionally, surveillance systems were restricted to a closed circuit where images
are seen from a centrally monitored station. However, with advancement in
technology, the images can now be viewed from anywhere in the world. This has
increased the scope of use of security and surveillance across the world with the
Indian market not left far behind. The security and surveillance equipments finds
its major applications in important areas like assembly lines in factories;
government buildings such as manufacturing units; monitoring of traffic; commercial
units such as retail outlets, banks and casinos; transport systems such as railways,
airports and ports; and educational institutions.

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