Kothari Petrochemicals - Polybutene Manufacturers India

Released on: September 27, 2008, 8:11 am

Press Release Author: Mark white

Industry: Chemicals

Press Release Summary: Kothari Petrochemicals dominates the petrochemicals industry
in India with its quality Polybutene products

Press Release Body: Polybutene is a non-drying, sticky polymer which is registered
for use as a bird and squirrel repellent. When birds land on treated objects or
surfaces, they dislike the unpleasant sticky sensation and usually do not return.
Polybutene's sticky quality therefore is the source of the repellent action of
pesticide products containing this active ingredient.

Polybutene products may be used outdoors or indoors, on buildings or adjacent
structures (for example, on girders, beams, ledges, windowsills, gutters, trees,
shrubs, and vines) where birds land or roost. Formulations include a gel which is
applied as a bead strip to surfaces with a ready-to-use tube or caulking gun, and a
liquid concentrate which is applied with a paint brush or sprayed on using a hand or
pressure sprayer.

Use practice limitations include prohibitions against applying the product to
surfaces where small protected bird species may become entrapped, or where people
walk or stand; and against applying the product in wet, damp, or freezing


Polybutene generally is of relatively low acute toxicity. It has been placed in
Toxicity Categories III and IV respectively for acute dermal and oral effects (these
are the lowest of four categories, indicating the lowest degree of acute toxicity).
Polybutene is not irritating to the skin (Toxicity Category IV), but is irritating
to the eyes and has been placed in Toxicity Category II for eye irritation effects.

Polybutene is not mutagenic in studies available at this time. Additional
information is required on an Ames study to upgrade it to an acceptable level.

Dietary Exposure

Dietary exposure to polybutene is not expected since no food-related uses are

Occupational and Residential Exposure

The potential for exposure to workers (mixers, loaders and applicators) is low when
using polybutene products in accordance with label instructions. The potential for
post-application exposure is minimal, based on polybutene's use patterns.

Human Risk Assessment

Polybutene generally is of low acute toxicity but causes eye irritation (Toxicity
Category II). No other toxicological endpoints are of concern for workers or
homeowners exposed to polybutene.

No food-related uses are registered so dietary exposure is not of concern. Worker
exposure is low when products are used in accordance with approved labeling. Risk to
workers and homeowners from exposure to polybutene is expected to be negligible.

For more polybutene related information contact:

Mark white

Web Site: http://www.kotharipetrochemicals.com/

Contact Details: "Kothari Buildings"
115 Mahatma Gandhi Salai
Chennai, India 600 034
T +91 44 3028 1596
F +91 44 2833 4560

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