Latino space makes social networking simple

Released on: September 22, 2008, 3:35 am

Press Release Author: Eric Diaz

Industry: Government

Press Release Summary: Those who plan to live virtual here is something to cheer
about. One stop shop to avail all fun and entertainment online. Customize your own
video, music tease your brain with puzzle in one domain

Press Release Body: September 2008 - For those who had been in hunt for a perfect
social networking site a site more than adding friends and chatting. Here it is href=> has launched a web site href=> which provides a complete
makeover to the way social networking is done. There is more than life in it you can
play with the other side of your life in public.

Latinospace offers a wide number of features
and application that makes browsing more happening. There are features like chat,
blog, video, music and Latino social communities. The important feature in this
website is quiz and classified which are present in no other websites. In href=>latinospace one can add or make friends share
their thought and express them self. You can pass on message either mailing or chat.
Finding friends in an ocean of list is no big deal, there is a browse menu in which
you can provide the specification in case you don't know the user name. In fact
there are wider varieties of search field like job age groups and location which
reduces the search complexity and gives the exact details. The search extends to who
is online people who have updated profile or search all.

There is a reason to smile for reading and writing enthusiast blog feature is in
built so there is a option to write blogs and display it to others. Another
important feature is forum which mainly helps to ask question in public domain and
users reply to respective queries. There are number of sub list like games,
computers, automotive etc. In which one can ask. The next big thing is poll unlike
any other social networking site users from href=>latinospace or href=>Latino social community can vote in this. This
is public scope and any user can view and cast their votes.

There are many qualities which are common to many people. You can share your sense
of togetherness in a community. You can create your own community or join an
existing community and contribute to it in your own way. The most unique feature of
Latino space is quizzes users are free to create their own quiz and are open to
public to answer them. They have the liberty to ask their minds. Users can watch
their favorite videos and listen to the tracks of their sound master. Another draw
of this site is classifieds users can advertise their properties and belongings for
sale. There are events displays to see what's happing in the city. href=>Latino space offers easier way to maintain their
account all their things are set in order.

This website is not just another social networking site there is more larger than
life features in it to access these features log on to href=>

1784 5Th Ave Suite-D
Bay Shore, NY 11706
Tel: 646-323-8292
Fax: 631-813-2507
Website :

Web Site:

Contact Details: 1784 5Th Ave Suite-D
Bay Shore, NY 11706
Tel: 646-323-8292
Fax: 631-813-2507
Website :

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