ME Developing Broadband Market for Image Makeover

Released on: September 29, 2008, 12:31 am

Press Release Author: Shushmul Maheshwari

Industry: Telecommunications

Press Release Summary: With declining broadband charges, rising penetration and
improving network infrastructure, the Middle East broadband market is growing at the
fastest pace worldwide.

Press Release Body: The Middle East saw the highest growth in the volume of Internet
users among the major areas of the world during the last six years, as the number of
people using the Web soared by more than 600%, three times higher than the global
average increase, according to our new research report, “Middle East Broadband
Forecast to 2010”.

The report says that the growth in broadband penetration has been tremendous across
the region with a significant rise in household penetration among some more advanced
Gulf States.

As per the report, rapidly falling broadband access charges and continuous efforts
to upgrade the network infrastructure are the key reasons fostering impressive
growth in the Middle East broadband market. As a result, the number of broadband
subscribers increased by an estimated 48% in 2007 from 2006. The number of broadband
subscribers is expected to surge at a CAGR of approx 50% during the period spanning
from 2008 to 2010.

Israel dominated the Middle East broadband market with the highest number of
broadband subscribers in 2007, followed by Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE. Although
the broadband market in the Middle East is undergoing significant developments, the
matrix of subscribers at the country level is anticipated to change in near future.

Overall, the Middle East broadband market is poised to grow at rapid pace in the
backdrop of positive economic outlook and increased market liberalization, says our
report. The aggressive developments in the field of technology by the Gulf countries
to change their image from “oil-rich” countries to “technologically-developed”
nations has created huge opportunities for domestic as well as foreign players
seeking to make way into these potential markets.

Our extensive report, “Middle East Broadband Forecast to 2010”, provides a rational
analysis on the Middle Eastern broadband market. It segments the market by country
to give complete overview of the market. Countries covered in this report include
Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Lebanon, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan, Bahrain and
Iran. This report provides information on the current and future scenario of the
broadband market in these countries and thoroughly evaluates the factors vital for
the success of the market in the region.

To better gauge the future success of the broadband market in the Middle East, this
study provides forecast on Internet subscribers, penetration of Internet
subscribers, broadband subscribers and penetration of broadband subscribers by

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