New EnviroValve Design Reduces Hazards Relating To Catastrophic Hydraulic Line Breaks

Released on: September 16, 2008, 2:21 am

Press Release Author: Donald M. Loper

Industry: Industrial

Press Release Summary: The EnviroValve designed by SmartFlow Technologies, LLC., can
withstand normal hydraulic pressure surges and is a cost effective solution during a
catastrophic line rupture or hose break.

Press Release Body: Milwaukee, WI, September 16, 2008 -- Testing data gathered by
the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) indicates that the EnviroValve may be one
of the most revolutionary valve designs of the 21st Century. In a recent peer
reviewed article published by the prestigious International Journal of Fluid Power
(IJFP- Vol 9, Number 2, Aug 2008), the practicality of a non-electronic valve which
can be placed upstream to protect the full hydraulic system and sub-systems is far
reaching. Whereas, velocity fuses or load-locking valves are placed on cylinders to
protect the load from free-falling, the EnviroValve is placed upstream after the
pump to stop high pressure fluid from escaping into the atmosphere in the event of a
line rupture.

"Hydraulic hose and line failures in the field cause extreme hazards to the
equipment, equipment operators, work crews and the environment," states Dr. Medhat
Bahr Khalil, Engineering Professor for Fluid Power and Motion at the Milwaukee
School of Engineering (MSOE). Khalil, who co-authored the article, "Hydraulic System
Protection Against Catastrophic Line Failure Using Newly Developed Safety Valve,"
published in the September 2008 Issue of the IJFP, emphasizes that, "Sadly, we can
fairly say up to now, there has been no cost effective solution introduced to the
industry to resolve this hazard."

The EnviroValve may be the only valve available to address the issues that have
existed in the fluid power industry. "Injuries caused by catastrophic line ruptures,
hose replacement costs, equipment damage, fires, downtime, expenses related to
environmental clean up and expensive oil replacement have just been a way of life,"
states Donald M. Loper, President of SmartFlow Technologies. "We believe that our
EnviroValve can successfully reduce all of these known hazards and expenses with a
minimal cost to the companies that opt to retrofit our valve," emphasizes Loper.

"The fact of the matter is, the excellent products that leave equipment
manufacturers doors new are solid,” states Loper. "Our primary objective is to
provide a viable, cost-effective solution to the end-users that with time deal with
the cost of fluid replacement, or pump damage as a result of a preventable condition
that a line break represents.”

"We believe once our EnviroValve is customized to fit existing equipment
manufacturers may realize that it is in their best interest to design their systems
around this technology," states Loper, who has received inquires from customers all
over the world asking if the EnviroValve could be customized and retro-fitted. “The
emphasis we place is customer focused,” Loper continues, by reducing fluid loss an
equipment owner experiences when a line breaks. The savings may afford the owner to
use a superior fluid base product in viscosity and performance thus keeping their
equipment in top shape and in service longer.”

One industry that does seem to be interested in minimizing the environmental risks
and further equipment damage is the insurance industry. "I have received many calls
from equipment owners who are receiving more pressure from their risk management
insurance carrier emphasizing preventative systems be in place to reduce their
personal and environmental liability," states Loper.

"Although safety should be the first and foremost priority, it is difficult to tell,
at this point, which group, the environmental activists or the risk management
insurance industry will have a greater influence in prompting greater incentives
such as reduced premiums, or tax breaks for manufacturers to take the lead roll to
incorporate such a valve into newly built systems." states Loper.

Loper, who has used his own resources to develop the EnviroValve is taking a
pro-active attitude instead of a "wait and see" type approach. "I am confident that
there is a huge market for this technology," states Loper. "We're looking to
introduce better technology into a multi-billion dollar industry. We have laid down
the groundwork for a more cost-effective upstream fluid flow shut off valve than any
other technologies that are currently on the market, that has us very excited,"
emphasizes Loper.

In addition to the fluid power industry, the EnviroValve could potentially have
applications in other industries, for example, hydro power, pneumatic and oil and
natural gas. "Thus far, most of our research and development has been focused in
fluid power," states Loper, who says that he is open to establishing joint ventures
with equipment and parts manufacturers for continued development of EnviroValve for
hydraulic equipment, and for viable solutions in other industries using his patent
pending technology. "We have received numerous inquires from potential customers who
have asked us if we plan to design EnviroValve for other industries," states Loper.
"Unfortunately, we just don't have the time or resources to develop the valve for
other markets right now," emphasizes Loper.

SmartFlow Technologies is continuing to further develop the applications for the
EnviroValve both fixed and variable volume fluid power equipment. More information
on SmartFlow Technologies, Inc. and the EnviroValve can be found on the company's
web site,
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Contact Details: Donald M. Loper, President
SmartFlow Technologies, Inc.
5801 West Brentwood Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53223

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