News Latest Big LIE by Current US president is Deepest Financial Crisis and 700 Billions Bailout for Private companies

Released on: September 24, 2008, 9:21 am

Press Release Author: Stream Information Brokers

Industry: Government

Press Release Summary: Largest In American History US Taxpayers 700 Billions Dollars
Highway Robbery called “Investment Banks Bailout” is initiated by US President with
Approval by Corrupt US Congress.

Press Release Body: Stream Information Brokers(Washington,DC September23,2008)
“Deepest Financial Crisis is Possible Largest in History Hoax and only Cover up to
STEAL US Taxpayers 700 Billions Dollars under Fake “Imaginary” Threat of
unavoidable US Banking System Collapse.
It is only Latest in Series of actions of US Administration and Republican
Party Leaders to STEAL 1Trillion of US Taxpayers Dollars in USA Budget
SURPLUS by Largest US Companies and Corporations through TAXCUTS under FAKE
Screams to “Stabilize US Economy”. War in Iraq under FAKE screams about
Saving NATION from WMD was another HOAX to STEAL 10 Billions US Taxpayers
Dollars each month by Halliburton,KBR,Exxon, Chevron,Texaco,BP,Conoco-Phillips
on Largest in History Government
Contracts for “Reconstruction in Iraq”.
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