Obama, WiMAX and 1 Mbps HDTV at the 2008 Democratic National Convention (DNC)

Released on: September 18, 2008, 10:20 pm

Press Release Author: bharat book

Industry: Telecommunications

Press Release Summary: Obama, WiMAX and 1 Mbps HDTV at the 2008 Democratic National
Convention (DNC)

Press Release Body: Obama, WiMAX and 1 Mbps HDTV at the 2008 Democratic National
Convention (DNC)

Overview:Obama, WiMAX and 1 Mbps HDTV at the 2008 Democratic National Convention
(DNC), by industry veteran, Frank Ohrtman, is must reading for anyone considering
the many enterprise applications for WiMAX. The report includes analysis provided by
Mr. Ohrtman and a case study presented by KMGH's use HDTV over a WiMAX network
implemented and operated by Mr. Ohrtman and his company, WMX Systems. WiMAX and
video conferencing vendors, telecommunications service providers, telecommunications
investors and any stakeholders in the fast moving field of broadband communications
will find the information and insights invaluable.

Key Findings

HDTV over WiMAX services in the above markets are estimated to achieve as much as
$12.5 billion market value by 2014.
WiMAX vendors will learn that HDTV is a very lucrative niche market for those
willing to focus on it and adjust their sales and marketing strategy accordingly
Service providers will learn from this real-world case study that HDTV over WiMAX
has powerful applications for enterprise videoconferencing, video surveillance,
residential, triple or quadruple play, distance learning and telemedicine.
Key lessons learned from WiMAX operation in which 1 Mbps High Definition TV (HDTV)
news reports were uploaded over WiMAX by ABC affiliate KMGH during the 2008
Democratic National Convention in Denver, CO
The broadcast TV industry is now free from expensive satellite or microwave trucks
to support newsgathering.
Any one with a digital video camera, the appropriate encoding/decoding device and a
WiMAX connection can gather the same reports live and distribute via the internet
thus braking a near-monopoly on broadcast spectrum, distribution and infrastructure
(towers, transmitters, and other radio equipment)

Target Audience
Cellular carriers: HDTV over WiMAX disrupts their traditional business
Broadband wireless service providers: Discover a new market and service opportunity
for WiMAX
WiMAX equipment and network device suppliers: Discover lucrative market applications
for WiMAX as an $12.5 billion market will drive demand for many network deployments
and a wide range of network devices
Health care providers: There is the potential to save billions of dollars in annual
expenses (transportation, manpower, etc) using HDTV over WiMAX to service patients
Educators: Will gain insight into the billions of dollars that can be saved using
distance learning applications via HDTV over WiMAX
Insurance industry: Will understand that billions of dollars in claims can be
avoided via video surveillance via HDTV over WiMAX and reduced health care claims
via telemedicine via HDTV over WiMAX
Other equipment and service providers: Videoconferencing vendors and service
providers, video encoding equipment vendors, including vendors of IPTV products

Table of Contents:

Executive Summary
Why WiMAX for Broadcast TV Industry?
Cheaper (CAPEX)
Cheaper (OPEX)
Simpler and more convenient to use
Importance of "cheaper, simpler, smaller, more convenient to use" in news gathering
Potential Objections to WiMAX in the Broadcast Industry
Range and Throughput
Quality of Service (QoS)
Enabling video compression technologies: the other half of the equation
HD at 1 Mbps?: HD recording and streaming live anywhere, any time
Audio Factors
Echo Cancellation
The Audio Secret Sauce: Compression Algorithms and "wideband"
Broadcast TV
Lesser broadcasters/news gatherers

Traveling broadcasters
Video Conferencing
Distance learning
The market implications for WiMAX-based HD video services
HD Video Conferencing for the Enterprise
HDTV for WiMAX Residential Triple Play or Quadruple Play

HD Video Surveillance for the Enterprise
What is the market for WiMAX-based HD video services?
Broadcast Industry
Video Conferencing
Video Surveillance
HDTV in Residential Triple or Quadruple Play
Medical Imaging
Case study: WiMAX services for TV broadcaster during 2008 Democratic National

List of Figures

Figure 1 KMGH used WiMAX services from WMX Systems and Nth Air to upload video
content from the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver
Figure 2 Invesco Field August 28, 2008-are all those satellite trucks really necessary?
Figure 3 Compare WiMAX subscriber station (top of SUV, left) to satellite dish. Many
efficiencies follow.
Figure 4 Video editing stations: WiMAX on the left (a Denver Starbucks) and a
satellite truck on the right
Figure 5 How do you get your tape to the satellite truck when you are on the wrong
side of the police line?
Figure 6 WiMAX performance parameters make it a very competitive alternative to
satellite services for the broadcast industry
Figure 7 WiMAX security: authentication and encryption
Figure 8 Field-testing for WiMAX and HD camera with laptop-sized encoder
Figure 9 Advances in compression technology and WiMAX make 1 Mbps HD video viable
Figure 10 KMGH covered daily Democratic national Convention press conferences from
the Colorado Convention Center using WiMAX to backhaul content to their studios

List of Tables

Table 1: Pros and Cons of WiMAX and other wireless uploading solutions
Table 2: WiMAX prioritizes video traffic over other uses ensuring a high level of
quality of service (QoS)
Table 3: Annual Revenue by Application for WiMAX
Table 4: Savings by KMGH in using WiMAX and an HD video solution during the
Democratic National Convention

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