Societal Changes Prompting South Koreans to Spend More on FBT

Released on: September 18, 2008, 2:23 am

Press Release Author: Shushmul Maheshwari

Industry: Food & Beverage

Press Release Summary: Consumer expenditure on food, beverages & tobacco in South
Korea is projected to grow at an AAGR of more than 9% over the coming few years,
says RNCOS.

Press Release Body: South Korea has maintained its position as a major food,
beverages and tobacco industry in Asia with its total consumer expenditure on the
segment growing at an average annual growth rate of more than 11% over the past few
years, compared to some 10.6% in China and around 10.9% in India during the same
period, says "South Korean Food and Drinks Market: Emerging Opportunities", the
latest addition in our Food & Beverages collection.

High consumer expenditure on food, beverages and tobacco in South Korea is generally
attributed to the rising disposable income due to rapid economic recovery.
Demographic and social changes, such as greater participation by women in the labor
force, urbanization, changing food consumption pattern, and an aging population are
also resulting in higher expenditure on this segment.

As per our research, Korean shoppers now look for convenience, new taste, and safer
and fresher products. So affluent groups and young professionals consider issues
like price as secondary and give more importance to image and quality while making
purchase decisions. Another factor emphasizing the healthy eating is growing health
awareness among aging consumers. As a result, organic food and wines have gained
immense popularity among the health-conscious consumers. Demand for processed and
convenience foods has also been growing rapidly in the country.

Due to all these factors, the research foresees the South Korean expenditure on
food, beverage and tobacco to grow at an AAGR of over 9% during the period from 2008
to 2012.

We have also done a detailed study on food, beverage and tobacco consumption
patterns in South Korea. "South Korean Food and Drinks Market: Emerging
Opportunities" provides an extensive research on consumption patterns in various
segments such as milk, vegetable, meat, fruit, tea, coffee, soft drinks and
alcoholic drinks. It provides thorough analysis of the market, with special emphasis
on past, current and future performance, and helps analyze future market prospects.
This report has been made to help clients in evaluating the opportunities,
challenges and drivers critical to the growth of the industry in the East Asian
country of South Korea.

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