SponsoraHorse(dot)org Rescuing And Rehabilitate Of Neglected And Abused Horses

Released on: September 22, 2008, 10:06 pm

Press Release Author: Nancy Swigart

Industry: Non Profit

Press Release Summary: Have you ever wanted a horse, but things just never seemed to
work in your favor? How would you like to help a horse in need?

Press Release Body: Millbury, Ohio 23rd September, 2008 – Sponsorahorse.org a
membership website, which rescues and rehabilitates abandoned and Abused Horses. It
has come up with an idea to unite all the equine rescue agencies and raise funds to
serve neglected horses. There are horse lovers out there who would like to help, but
they don't know what to do, who to call, or who they can trust with their donations.

Nancy Swigart, in her website SponsoraHorse.org gives these animal lovers a way to
donate through their monthly membership program, provide them with a website to stay
informed about current equine issues, and to see what difference their donations are

Most of the time horses are neglected because the horse owners don’t realize the
amount of care that a horse needs, as many feel that economic pinch. So when people
buy more than two or three horses, the amount of care which must be taken increases.
Some horse owners doesn’t realize this and just live their horses in an open field
to graze and thinks that it will take care of itself.

This increases the call to rescue facilities from people who want to simply drop
their horse off. Nowadays, most of the rescue agencies are over populated and some
of them are closing, too many owners are ending up taking their horses to sales were
they are sold for slaughter.

The main purpose to start Sponsorahorse.org is to meet the needs of abused and
neglected horses. This is a non-profit horse rescue agency that will provide a
secure home for horses, mules and donkeys.

Nancy Swigart say’s that “Our goal is not only to help rescue more horses locally,
but be able to donate to other rescues, and build a network of certified rescues
that will be stronger than any individual rescuing facility.”

Sponsor A Horse will also have a membership forum to build a community of like
minded animal lovers. We know strong communities within the forums will provide a
wealth of information for everyone. I am sure that the communities in our forums
will brain storm with each other to come up with even more ways to help horses in
need. Horses are a sort of animal which need a significance life just as much as any
other creature. So if you are a Horse lover, please visit www.SponsoraHorse.org and
sign up for a membership and support us for this worthy cause.

Web Site: http://www.sponsorahorse.org

Contact Details: Media Contact:
Nancy Allen
27731 Bradner Rd
United States
Phone: 419-836-8367
E-mail: nancyallen06@gmail.com
URL: http://www.sponsorahorse.org

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