The Accounting Job Market Is Robust, Says AccountingCrossing; Job Site Seeks to Increase Job Count to Help Accounting Professionals

Released on: September 15, 2008, 3:21 am

Press Release Author: Mary Waldron

Industry: Accounting

Press Release Summary: Pasadena, CA — According to a survey report by recruiter
Ajilon Finance and the Institute of Management Accountants, accounting job
opportunities for accountants remain strong. In consonance with the survey,
AccountingCrossing, the job board for accounting professionals, has seen an upward
swing in the demand for accounting professionals, with a sizeable increase in recent
months. AccountingCrossing currently has 55,987 job openings in its database, and
the site foresees an extremely strong job market for accounting professionals in the
near future.

Press Release Body: ''Workers in certain sections of the job market do better
despite an economic downturn, and some even thrive because of one. The accounting
industry is touted as one of the top ten recession-proof industries, according to a
survey by JobFox. Many organizations have added more jobs in their accounting
departments, and that’s obviously being reflected on AccountingCrossing,'' says A.
Harrison Barnes, CEO of AccountingCrossing.

According to the recruiter report, 65% of the accounting and finance professionals
polled think that there are currently more or the same amount of job opportunities
available for accountants compared to a year ago. 27% find it challenging to recruit
qualified candidates for accounting job openings on their teams. Also, 46% of
accounting professionals see their company thinking about long-term benefits,
compared to 19% who say their company is only making short-term changes and 21% who
see their company as focused solely on maintaining the status quo. Additionally,
most accountants are not overly concerned about losing their jobs. In a poll of 318
accounting workers, 75% of the respondents said that their positions likely won't be
cut in the next year. Only 14% said that they are likely to be dismissed.

The US Labor Department projects an 18% growth (between 2006 and 2016) in the job
count for accountants and auditors combined, which is faster than the average for
all occupations. The Labor Department also predicts an additional 226,000 accounting
jobs to be created within the next decade. A survey by the NACE found that 2008
accounting graduates are being paid $49,085 salaries on average, which is reportedly
one of the top salaries for new grads.

Says Barnes, ''Furthering the trend in recent years, accounting workers generally
don't have to worry about job security. They can still feel confident as CFOs
continue to struggle with filling their teams with truly talented people.''

The top job titles on AccountingCrossing in the last month have been:

* Senior accounting jobs (8,830)
* Payroll clerk jobs (3,893)
* Accounting assistant jobs (3,250)
* Accounting analyst jobs (3,203)
* Auditor jobs (2,406)
* Accounting director jobs (1,713)

''The present job market is a tricky one, and various professionals are having
trouble in the current economic scenario. There are thousands of jobs, however, if
one knows where to look. AccountingCrossing monitors all employer websites (over
250,000) and other resources to post accounting jobs that are not mentioned on any
other job board,'' adds Barnes.

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About AccountingCrossing

AccountingCrossing is an affiliate of EmploymentCrossing, a powerful and
comprehensive organization dedicated to helping professionals find jobs that will
enhance their careers. AccountingCrossing consolidates every accounting job opening
it can find in one convenient location. The website also offers a seven-day free
trial to new members

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