The State of Mississippi Denies One the Right to be Heard

Released on: September 13, 2008, 12:20 am

Press Release Author: April MacFadden

Industry: Government

Press Release Summary: The State’s long history of stomping on civil rights may come
to an end after one unique case is heard in the United States Supreme Court. Until
then, one’s safety and security is being compromised by those very people entrusted
to protect its most vulnerable of citizens.

Press Release Body: St. Louis, MO , September 13, 2008 -- Imagine losing a family
member unexpectedly. The emotional devastation that follows an untimely death is
more than many can bear. More so, when a family discovers that their loved one died
due to the neglect of a nursing professional in the neighboring state of Louisiana.
In the days and weeks that followed one family’s personal loss, the business of
estate matters loomed in the background. But, this was the first of many losses the
family would come to realize. Within six months of losing a beloved mother, three
adult siblings lose their father. Amid the emotional turmoil, came more estate
matters. The eldest sibling, a legal assistant who worked independently, assumed the
role as power of attorney, and sought the assistance of a friend, a practicing
attorney, to look over the estates. This would not be easily resolved. In a matter
of months, the eldest sibling broke the confidence of his other siblings, and began
to manipulate the family’s assets with the help of his friend – The very attorney
assigned to serve the interest of the family; an attorney who later becomes a judge.
Thus began the nine year fiasco which is being played out in the courts of

The courts; however, are not hearing the estate matters, nor getting any closer to
closing the estates. The State of Mississippi was caught up in whether to hear the
claims set against a variety of attorneys and judges which found themselves involved
directly, and knowingly acted against the laws designed to protect the rights of
surviving heirs. Whether some of these legal representatives ignored and denied the
very people who sought their help due to their own personal alliances with fellow
law makers; it is unclear, but allegedly, several attorneys and judges knowingly
covered up their own involvement in aiding the eldest sibling, and the claims
against them are now being set aside. It is not a matter of monies that prompted
those entrusted to carry out the laws without prejudice, but rather the alliances to
those like them that encouraged this scenario. One may call it legal corruption,
while another would call it, “the good ole’ boy system.” Either way, the results are
the same.

Where has this all lead to? The United States District Court for the Southern
District of Mississippi has recently refused to hear the case despite
“irregularities” laid before them. In addition, a Petition for a Writ of Mandamus,
compelling the United States District Court for the Southern District of
Mississippi, Southern District why the said Court has failed to comply with the
Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the Uniformed Local Rules applicable to the
said court, the United States District Court denied hearing the case, and failed to
give notice to the plaintiffs, or the opportunity to appeal the court’s decision,
and the lower courts decisions regarding their case. The case is now being viewed by
the United States Supreme Court.

During the nine year battle to protect one’s rights as an heir, the youngest of the
three siblings passed within two years of the father’s death. The eldest sibling
responsible for hiding and using the assets in the estate died last year, but not
without confessing his wrong doing to the one remaining sibling’s attorney two days
prior to his death. Even though the confession was taped, and the eldest sibling’s
desire to right the wrongs was clear, nothing was ever done legally to assist the
one and only surviving heir. Instead, she has been solicited by attorneys and judges
to stop her actions against them, threatened and harassed by many in power. Her own
personal funds have been bled dry trying to pursue justice. She continues to battle
the courts on her own, and hopes to use her fundamental rights for “a chance to be
heard” in the highest laws of the land – The United States Supreme Court.
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