The global campaign to reach the 80-90 per cent of the misled people within the next 10 days who need to know what the media refuses to tell them

Released on: September 7, 2008, 8:57 pm

Press Release Author: USA180

Industry: Government

Press Release Summary: If we do not wake up the 80-90 percent of the people
deliberately being misled by the mainstream media RIGHT NOW we risk completely
turning over our sovereignty, and our rights and freedoms.

Press Release Body: USA180 Has Devised a plan to halt or cease the disinformation
being put out by mainstream media.

The public has to know that a 2003 Appellate Court Ruling that declared media has no
legal obligation to tell the truth or even report on anything or any part of

In essence they can create the news as they see fit.

The problem is the pubic (Vast Majority) are being so misled concerning most of what
is going on politically. We need help in this matter. We have ready a plan that will
launch within 10 days. It is so powerful it will wake the most unconcerned citizen.

We have to do this unless we are willing to completely turn over our sovereignty,
and our rights and freedoms.

We have already handed over several key rights and the public is not even aware of
it. We have an impeccable reputation of delivering easily provable truth. We are no
conspiracy theory outfit. We are a properly formed 527 Political PAC representing
pro-constitutional citizens who are concerned about the careless and criminal
fashion our congress is operating, and the media will not tell you anything.

Please join us and help. We ask that you either donate what you can, but more
importantly we ask you donate 2 hours of your time for one day. More if you like. We
have to open the eyes of the vast majority being hoodwinked by the mainstream media.

Our country is headed toward times unprecedented. We can stop this and the only way
is to alert the unknowing public.

For more info, please email me at or call me at
404-287-0414. We will then send you all the facts and proof you need. We prefer you
check our facts first. Then if you want to help you can.

We want you to see we are correct and 100 percent accurate. It is your rights and
freedom and sovereignty. Your choice, we offer. Now you decide. This is short and
sweet. You must care to move forward. Oh, and fear not. What we send is totally

This is no game, and we are serious. You too will soon see how serious when you see
our undeniable facts that you can verify in less than 30 minutes. You have to know
where to go, and we show you. We are sure you will be back in touch.

You and I have an obligation to our Children, and Grandchildren if not ourselves. If
you visit our site listed below please look on left side and find page index. Read
all you need. On the donate page there is a link to the official IRS site to prove
our legal standing. If you do these things we will chat I am sure. Talk soon.

A non-profit organization lives and dies through donations of time and of money. If
you are like many, and have a hectic schedule that will not allow you to offer time
you can still play an important part, simply by donating funds. We use Amazon to do
this. All credit card transactions are carried out on their site.

They share nothing regarding your info. Not even your email address. They tell us
funds are there thatís it. If you wish to donate using other methods following this
link will take you to many different options. All donations received via mail go to
a secure PO Box listed so you can be sure your information is safe there as well.

To join
In the United Kingdom

Dr. Mark Taylor
National Director
USA 404-287-0414

Web Site:

Contact Details:
Dr. Mark Taylor
National Director
USA 404-287-0414
Skype Id mark.taylor11
Our latest videos you canít miss. This link has loads of startling easily provable
facts that will enrage you. You have to know the truth. Our Country is in dire
straits and mainstream media will not tell you this. We do and back it up.

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