Released on: September 23, 2008, 1:30 am

Press Release Author: Wiltshire Farm Foods

Industry: Food & Beverage

Press Release Summary: As the cost of living soars and the temperatures drop, what
can be done to protect the older generation?

Press Release Body: As the cost of living soars and the temperatures drop,
what can be done to protect the older generation?

As temperatures wane and sunshine fades you may be looking forward to a season of
wrapping up in woollens and taking comfort from hearty meals in the snug of your
home. But, as the report by the National Housing Federation predicted this week, a
quarter of people wont be so lucky.

Fuel poverty is defined as spending 10% or more of your income on utility bills, and
is expected to hit an all time high this winter. Meanwhile PM Gordon Brown is coming
under fire for his plans to make the population eligible for discounts on loft and
wall insulation and other energy-saving home improvements.

If youre having troubles paying your gas bill, its unlikely youd be able to find
even half the spare cash to reinsulate your loft for example, especially with rising
food costs to contend with. The elderly are typically the worse hit during the
colder months, often having to make a potentially deadly decision to heat or eat,
with 30,000 recorded deaths last winter alone.

Fortunately those aged 60 to 79 are entitled to receive a Winter Fuel Payment from
the Government, ranging from 125 to 250 dependent on their circumstances with
increased cash for those aged 80 or over. Automatically applied to those receiving
State Pension, many on private plans could be missing out and should fill in a
benefit claim form as soon as possible.

At no time is nutrition more crucial than during the cold, but generally with age
comes less desire, or ability to cook full meals. Often cooking for one can seem a
chore, and a wasteful one at that, yet the stigma and rigidity of a href="">Meals on Wheels service is unappealing.

Private meals delivery can be the answer, with an easy to prepare, cost effective
solution affording vulnerable people a hot meal in minutes. Companies like Wiltshire
Farm Foods provide traditional and nutritious, frozen meals as often or little as
necessary with no delivery charge by friendly, dependable drivers who will keep an
eye on the well being of their customers.

Susie Cole, of Wiltshire Farm Foods Redhill comments:
Its more than taking orders and deliveries. Its about providing the best possible
service we can. Many of our customers are housebound, disabled or ill and rely on us
for everything whether its taking care of problems around the home, reporting
back to family members if they are ill or not eating, or simply passing the time
with a friendly chat, we make sure were always there for our customers.

The firm cater for a range of special diets and have recently launched their
autumn/winter range, with over 220 wholesome href="">frozen meals from as little as 2.15.
Customers can choose from delicious dishes like Beef Bordelaise, roast beef in a
deep, rich red wine sauce with shallots, tasty Spaghetti Carbonara with tender
chunks of chicken in an irresistibly creamy mushroom, pancetta bacon and cheese
sauce and Lamb & Potato Curry in a lightly spiced sauce with subtle hints of ginger,
coriander and red chilli.

For a sweet sensation, spoil yourself with Upside Down Apple Pudding made with
Bramley apples and oozing with golden syrup sauce, get fruity with Very Berry
Pudding, sponge topped with juicy redcurrants, blackberries, blackcurrants and
raspberries, or indulge yourself with a deliciously rich Clotted Cream Ice Cream.

If you, a friend or a loved one could benefit from any of the services mentioned in
this article, you can claim for the upcoming, or past Winter Fuel Allowance by
calling the Winter Fuel Payment helpline on 08459 151 515. To find out more about
Wiltshire Farm Foods and for a free Autumn & Winter menu call 0800 773 773, or
alternatively shop online at

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