WMX Systems offers solar and WiMAX powered IP video surveillance platform

Released on: September 27, 2008, 4:25 am

Press Release Author: Frank Ohrtman

Industry: Telecommunications

Press Release Summary: WMX Systems Really WirelessTN solution requires no connection
to the power grid or telephone network to provide "indictment quality" video

Press Release Body: Denver, CO: WMX Systems, LLC, Denver’s WiMAX service provider,
announced today it is offering solar powered WiMAX and video surveillance solutions
in support of industries that require security solutions independent of the power
and telecommunications grids. In powering the WiMAX subscriber station and
surveillance camera with solar panels with battery back up, a remote IP video
surveillance solution can be deployed on short notice with no need for connecting a
construction site, for example, to electric power and telephone network connections.

There are a number of advantages to the WMX Systems Really WirelessTM over other
solutions. Firstly, the WiMAX solution allows high bandwidth connectivity up to 10
miles from the WiMAX base station. WiMAX also ensures over-the-air security, high
quality of service (QoS) on licensed spectrum, features not available on 2.4 GHz
wireless solutions. Adding a solar energy source frees the user from the expense and
time of hiring an electrician to provide electrical power to a remote, unwired site.
This is an ideal solution for the construction industry.

Finally, the SecureacamTM video camera solution offers exceptional flexibility in
recording and storing video content onsite and uploading only when activity demands
an upload. The inclusion of Wi-Fi capabilities enables networking of multiple
cameras at the remote site. Most importantly, the camera uses H.264 video
compression technology that enables an “indictment quality” image to be uploaded at
a data rate of only a few hundred kilobits per second per camera and DVR platform.
When coupled with secure high bandwidth, high QoS WiMAX connectivity, multiple video
streams can be uploaded to a remote surveillance service.

About WMX systems, LLC: WMX Systems, LLC is Denver’s WiMAX service provider. More
information is available at http://www.wmxsystems.com

About Secure Source: Secure Source is a Denver-based innovator in IP video
surveillance solutions offering the SecuracamTM integrated IP DVR, router and Wi-Fi
access point. More information on Secure Source is available at

Contact: Frank Ohrtman, WMX Systems, LLC 720-839-4063 frank@wmxsystems.com

Web Site: http://www.wmxsystems.com

Contact Details: Frank Ohrtman
628 Columbine Stret
Denver, CO 80206
720 839 4063

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