he USA learned about the torture of one of its citizens by Canada - they did nothing

Released on: September 20, 2008, 1:59 pm

Press Release Author: World Net Daily, USA180

Industry: Government

Press Release Summary: Scott Loper was imprisoned and tortured in a Canadian jail.
House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) wants to accept as valid a document
fraudulently portrayed by the Canadian government as a waiver of Loper's Vienna
Convention rights.

Press Release Body: Scott Loper - (www.scottloperstory.com )was imprisoned and
tortured in a Canadian jail. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) wants to
accept as valid a document fraudulently portrayed by the Canadian government as a
waiver of Loper's Vienna Convention rights.

Representative Frank Wolf (R-VA) is concerned. In a letter to the State Department,
Wolf, Co-Chair of The Congressional Human Rights Caucus and a ranking member of the
State Foreign Operations Subcommittee, has called for an investigation.

"... let us work for the day when the practice of torture is a shameful fact of
history-and nothing more."

These are the words of House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) as he used the
United Nations' International Day in Support of Victims of Torture as an opportunity
to criticize the Bush administration while holding himself up as a great supporter
of victims of torture. "As long as there is torture anywhere in the world, you will
have our support", Hoyer proclaimed to the Maryland-based Advocates for Survivors of
Torture and Trauma just last June.

It appears that Congressman Hoyer is more concerned about international victims than
torture victims among his own constituents.

New Jersey cop Scott Loper was jailed in Canada on extorted charges, beaten and
tortured for two years in an Ontario jail, and denied any access to a U.S.
consulate. Threatened to keep his mouth shut, Loper was then transferred to another
Canadian prison, where he spent another two years, and again denied his right to
contact the U.S. Embassy.

Loper's crime? He was about to expose a gang of cooked cops. When, almost four years
after his incarceration, things had gotten to the point where the Durham Ontario
Regional Police began to do their own investigation of these thugs, Loper was taken
out of prison and dumped at the U.S. border - the fate of his Canadian wife, his
three-year-old son and all of his worldly possessions left to mystery.

After denying that Loper had ever even lived in Canada - let alone been incarcerated
there, the Canadian government had to back-track when he was able to provide proof
from some of the few scraps of documentation he had managed to keep in his

The Canadians then tried to pass off a phoney document as a waiver of Scott Lopers
Vienna Convention rights. The document is dated three years after his incarceration
and does not bear his signature, but the state department says that's just fine, and
the good Congressman Steny Hoyer is happy to go along with the ruse. His official
response? "The Congressman has done all that he can do."

We would like to inform the Congressman of what he can do that he has not done,
since he seems to be a little confused as to who he is supposed to represent.

We elect our representatives to represent us - not special interests; not foreign
governments; not the State Department. It is the explicit duty of those we put in
the position of Representative to represent the interests of U.S. citizens.
Congressman Hoyer has failed miserably.

Article 36 of the Vienna Convention, signed by 164 nations in 1967, states that
those nations are bound to notify foreign nationals, when arrested, of their right
to contact their embassy or consulate, allowing that embassy or consulate to assure
that citizen is treated properly.

The Canadian government says Scott Loper waived those rights. However, they could
produce no signed document as proof of this statement. The reason, says Loper, is
that no such signed document ever existed.

Here is the unsigned document, finally delivered to the State Department by the
Canadian government, that holds absolutely no credibility. Notice that Scott Loper's
signature appears nowhere on this document and, as mentioned above, is dated three
years after his arrest in 2000. Even if this was not an excruciatingly absurd
representation of an excuse, three years is hardly the requirement of notice
"without delay" as described by Article 36. However, Congressman Hoyer and the State
Department seem to think it is good enough for them.

The ongoing series of articles on the right are written by World Net Daily staff
writer Bob Unruh. They contain an amazing story of U.S. officials and Congressional
representatives failing to accomplish justice in an important matter of
international relations and protection for U.S. citizens.

The Canadian government does not want this story to be told. The U.S. government
seems happy to oblige.

There is a larger issue here that affects the safety and well-being of every U.S.
citizen who ventures into another country. If the U.S. Government is unwilling to
expect its neighbor to the north to comply with the Vienna Convention, what
protection can we expect from our government when our rights are violated by other,
less friendly countries.

The only resolution here is to force our government to do what it is supposed to do;
to protect its citizens. In the case of Scott Loper, the U.S. needs to demand of the
Canadian government the admission of illegal imprisonment and torture as well as
compensation and help in locating his lost family.

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