9 Steps To Achieve Your Destiny

Released on: October 25, 2008, 11:16 am

Press Release Author: Zohra Sarwari

Industry: Small Business

Press Release Summary: Zohra Sarwari is an author of the new ground breaking book,
"9 Steps To Achieve Your Destiny". She is a motivational and inspirational speaker
to youth and adults as well. She has also written two e-books "Become a Professional
Speaker Today" and "Time Management For Success". Her book has been reviewed in
Al-Jumuah magazine, and there is an article about her up in Azizah magazine.

Press Release Body: For Immediate Release

For Further Information,
Contact Zohra Sarwari: 916-813-7344

"9 Steps To Achieve Your Destiny"

Zohra Sarwari Changes Lives of Teens and Adults with Groundbreaking New Book "9
Steps to Achieve Your Destiny"

Teens often feel locked out of the world of business and personal success. They
never think of the power they might have to make a difference in their own financial
futures. At the same time, adults get bogged down in low wage jobs, not ever knowing
they can do better. Zohra Sarwari has good news for those who want more from life.

Zohra Sarwari's new book "9 Steps to Achieve Your Destiny" is a powerhouse of
encouragement for dreamers living in the real world. The knowledge people gain from
reading this book sets them on the right path for greatness. It is both practical
and inspirational. The book can be found at the author's website.

Zohra Sarwari came to America at the tender age of 6. She has risen from the status
of refugee as that young girl to a strong force for good in this country since that
time. She is now a college graduate, businesswoman, author, life coach and lecturer.

"I have a great interest in helping Muslim youths to envision and reach their
goals.'9 Steps to Achieve Your Destiny' can never come too late, though. People of
all ages can benefit from learning and understanding these concepts." Zohra Sarwari
comments about her book.

As Zohra Sarwari discusses her 9 Steps, she covers ways to build character, figure
out what success means to the individual, and visualize goals. The advice even gets
into specific strategies such as getting a business plan together and finding
business funding sources. These keys all provide momentum for success.

"When everyone is working and living more productively, the world will be improved
for all people," Zohra Sarwari explains about her mission. "When you have mastered
the 9 Steps, you can put your life in balance and impact the world for the better."

Nothing brings hope so well as a solid plan and inspirational words. Zohra Sarwari
delivers both in her new book, "9 Steps to Achieve Your Destiny." Changing minds and
lives through her writing, speaking, and personal coaching, Zohra Sarwari is
spreading the good word of success.

To learn more about Zohra Sarwari and her new book, visit http://www.zohrasarwari.com

Web Site: http://www.zohrasarwari.com

Contact Details: P.O Box 501871
Castleton, IN 46250, USA
Contact No.916-813-7344

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