Amalaki Natural Antioxidant, Detoxifies and Rejuvenates - Gains Major Endorsement

Released on: October 12, 2008, 9:08 pm

Press Release Author: Albert Le

Industry: Accounting

Press Release Summary: Zrii rooted in Ayurveda, a 5000-year-old practice that
contains an unparalleled, whole-health approach to life and healing, one that is
designed to give individuals control over their own wellbeing.

Press Release Body: United States of America (Press Release) - Los Angeles, Oct 10,
2008 to reach better health, reach for Zrii.

Zrii Amalaki health drink combines healthy ingredients from the ancient Amalaki
plant and boasts health benefits like rejuvenation, vitality and energy. The
Amalaki is small fruit that grows at the base of the pristine Himalayas in northern
India. This fruit is an amazingly useful Ayurvedic herb and the fruit is
wildcrafted, a harvesting technique where the Amalaki is taken from trees as they
are found in nature, hand-picked according to ancient techniques.

The Deepak Chopra Center for Wellbeing announced their endorsement and support of
Zrii Liquid Nutritional Health Drink - the first third-party provider the Chopra
Center has ever endorsed. Led by world-renowned authors, physicians, and educators
Deepak Chopra M.D. and David Simon M.D., the Chopra Center for Wellbeing has served
millions of people around the world through its educational programs, services, and
natural products.

Traditionally, amalaki as been used to improve digestion, stimulate production of
red blood cells and enhance cellular regenerations. Its nutritional profile truly
places it in a class of its own. The ingredients of Zrii drink supplement are
unique as well. Zrii liquid nutritional drink is mixed only with fruit juices, is
preservative free and uses the purest whole food source of amalaki.. Amalaki -
also called the great rejuvenator - contains a synergistic blend of herbs and
fruits to completely unlock the potency and effectiveness. It's all grown at the
foot of the Himalayas, surrounded by the cleanest air and water on the planet-which
means no harmful artificial chemicals or contaminants.
The formulation for Zrii is built on 5,000 years of Ayurvedic wisdom, which calls
for multiple ingredients working together synergistically to maximize nutritional

After referring to ancient Ayurvedic formulations and modern scientific research, a
world-class team of Western medical doctors, Ayurvedic physicians and scholars, and
chemistry and nutrition PhDs decided to create a formulation unlike any other
product on the market-a combination of select herbs and fruits that completely
unlocks the potency of amalaki. In Ayurvedic practice, the ability of a food or
drink to "enliven the tongue" is a hallmark of its healing capabilities. And as
those who've tried it will tell you, Zrii most assuredly enlivens the tongue.

A major endorsement from the Chopra Center, Ayurvedic wisdom and formulation,
natural amalaki fruit ingredients and a myriad of health benefits - Zrii Health
Drink Supplement is quickly becoming a wellspring for general health and wellbeing,
as well as a way to open up new opportunities and lifestyle possibilities.

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Contact Details: 3262 N Garey Ave, #150, Pomona, CA, 91767, United States

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