Atlas Business Solutions, Inc releases Version 6(dot)0 of Staff Files HR Software

Released on: October 27, 2008, 3:08 pm

Press Release Author: Atlas Business Solutions, Inc.

Industry: Human Resources

Press Release Summary: New release of Staff Files adds additional automation,
reports, and security.

Press Release Body: FARGO, ND - October 27, 2008 - Atlas Business Solutions, Inc.
(ABS), a leading developer of small business software, is pleased to announce the
release of Staff Files(r) version 6.0. Staff Files is easy and affordable HR software
used to manage employee information. Managers can store, track, retrieve and
safeguard information about employee benefits, time-off accruals, training and
certifications, wage rates, performance evaluations, and much more. Automatic
reminders alert users to important dates and deadlines. HR letters and reports are
available for print and email distribution.

"We listen to our customers to make business management software that is easy,
efficient, and useful," said Jon Forknell, vice president and general manager of
Atlas Business Solutions. "Staff Files customers have told us they rely on the
automatic pop-up reminders for important dates and deadlines, and want a faster way
to add training records and enroll employees in time-off policies. So, we expanded
reminder alerts and created group enrollment tools for training details and time-off
accruals. These are two ways we've increased automation in Staff Files 6.0 to help
our customers stay organized and save time."

What's new in Staff Files 6.0

Two new group enrollment tools allow users to quickly add information to multiple
personnel records at once. The Group Accrual Enrollment tool enrolls a group of
employees into a policy to automatically calculate time-off accruals for vacation
time, sick time, PTO, or any other type of time-off their company tracks. The Group
Training Enrollment tool adds a training or certification record, including
effective and expiration dates, cost, agency, and location of the training, to a
group of employee files. Five new reminder alerts have been added for custom fields
that users can modify for their company's specific needs.

Many new and improved reports have been added to retrieve information about
incidents, absences, reminders, and the separation of former employees. A new
separation checklist has also been added to help ensure tasks, such as COBRA
enrollment, return of keys and equipment, and payroll garnishment notifications are
completed when employees leave the company. Staff Files 6.0 introduces a new
password field for added security.

In addition to the increased security, reports, and automation, version 6.0 of Staff
Files includes better organization of scanned documents, more fields for emergency
contact information, an entirely new way to record details about incidents, such as
disciplinary warnings and workplace accidents, and a work area optimized for a
bigger screen and wider employee list column. The Staff Files Pro edition introduces
a new Audit Trail to log changes made to employee records.

How to get Staff Files
Staff Files can be purchased directly from Atlas Business Solutions, Inc. either
online at or by phone at 1-800-874-8801. Staff Files starts at $295
for a single-user license; each additional license is $100 thereafter. Staff Files
Pro, which includes all of the features in Staff Files, plus an HR Documents tool
and the new Audit Trail, starts at $495 for a single-user license; each additional
license is $100 thereafter. Upgrade pricing for existing customers starts at $149
for Staff Files and $249 for Staff Files Pro.

About ABS
Atlas Business Solutions, Inc. (ABS) is a leading provider of easy-to-learn,
easy-to-use, and affordable business software. Since 1991, ABS helps customers
directly reduce costs, save time and streamline business processes by providing
employee scheduling software, human resource software, appointment scheduling
software, and business plan software. ABS software titles include: Client
Appointment Manager, Customer Appointment Manager(r), HR Document Maker, Patient
Appointment Manager, ScheduleAnywhere(r), Staff Files(r), Staff Files(r) Pro, Ultimate
Business Planner(r), Ultimate Financial Forecaster(r), and Visual Staff Scheduler(r) Pro.

Customer Appointment Manager, ScheduleAnywhere, Staff Files, Ultimate Business
Planner, Ultimate Financial Forecaster, and Visual Staff Scheduler are registered
trademarks of Atlas Business Solutions, Inc. All other trademarks and registered
trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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Contact Details: 3330 Fiechtner Drive SW
Fargo, ND 58103

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